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Bogota Perception and Victimization Survey 2022

The Perception and Victimization Survey has been conducted since 1998 to establish the subjective factors that complement the official crime figures and to analyze the different aspects that affect citizen security.

IMG banner | Encuesta de Percepción y Victimización de Bogotá 2022IMG banner | Encuesta de Percepción y Victimización de Bogotá 2022
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Bogota Business Climate Survey 2022

The Bogota Chamber of Commerce (CCB), through the Directorate of Knowledge Management and Transformation, publishes the Business Climate Survey 2022 in Bogota, to entrepreneurs in Bogota, with active commercial registration as of March 31, 2022.

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Bogota Chamber of Commerce Great Survey of Entrepreneurship. Second application 2022

The large survey includes detailed information on companies in Bogota and 59 municipalities of Cundinamarca that are part of the CCB, on their economic and demographic characteristics, age, motivation for starting the business, income/debts/profitability, number of workers, etc.

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Learn step-by-step how to register your company in the Sustainability Ranking

The Sustainability Ranking identifies the current status of companies in this area, providing a broad overview of their economic, environmental and social management.

These are the topics you can find in this section:

Business dynamics

Learn about the business environment in Bogota and the region; its companies, growth and projection.

Economic analysis

Take a look at the business horizon of Bogota and the Region in terms of statistics and how the Colombian capital is positioned as the economic center and the most important development pole in Colombia.

Social analysis

The human component is a fundamental ally in the development of a region. We present the current affairs of the population of Bogota on social issues that impact the business fabric of the capital.

Business environment

We seek to make Bogota the ideal place for the creation of new companies, as well as for the consolidation and expansion of those already established, promoting sustainability, entrepreneurship and regional development.

Responsible Business Conduct

We want to have more and better companies that carry out favorable and inclusive practices for the good of society, with products and services that have a positive impact on the lives of each of their target audiences.

Economic activity tracking thermometer

The CCB presents the current business performance of Bogota and the region, where its economic growth is headed and what opportunities its environment offers for new businesses and alliances.


Knowing how Bogota is doing in different economic and social issues that derive in business activity is a task for all entrepreneurs and the community. In this section you will find access to the different surveys conducted by the CCB.

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Student Business Judging Competition

This activity is carried out annually for law students in the city of Bogotá and Cundinamarca.


Casos de éxito - Conducta Empresarial Responsable

Te invitamos a conocer la publicación de casos de éxito de empresas que se destacan por tener incorporados en sus modelos de negocio los enfoques enmarcados por la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá, en la estrategia de Conducta Empresarial Responsable - CER: estas experiencias buscan formar y sensibilizar sobre esta cultura empresarial y promover que más empresas se motiven en adoptar estas prácticas corporativas y así impactar positivamente el entorno de los negocios.


Survey of Business and Entrepreneurship of Bogota and the Region

Reference framework to guide decision making and the construction of public policy and strategies for business strengthening.


Survey of Business and Entrepreneurship of Bogota and the Region

Reference framework to guide decision making and the construction of public policy and strategies for business strengthening.


Guía del Empresariado: Responsabilidades Legales

La Guía resume las responsabilidades empresariales en cinco grandes categorías: Corporativas, Laborales, Contables, Tributarias y Cambiarias. Su cumplimiento resulta de gran relevancia para la adecuada gestión de las empresas, de acuerdo con la normatividad vigente.