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‘Somos Llaves', CCB's new radio program

08 February 2024In this space you can listen to the success stories of people who work every day to build businesses in Bogota and the region.

Through the radio waves 'We are keys' connects the CCB with the business community of Bogota and the region, giving greater visibility to micro and small enterprises and businesses in the popular economy sector.

From February 13 and every Tuesday, 'We are keys', a radio program of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, will be on the air; space transmitted through the dial 970 am of RadioRed RCN, which aims to publicize all those entrepreneurial initiatives and popular economy businesses that enhance the business dynamics of Bogota and the region.

In this radio program, traders, listeners and the community in general will be able to know the stories of traders and entrepreneurs who tell us about their experiences and life stories that arise through the desire to do business. The audience will also learn about the weekly events offered by the CCB, as well as information about the programs and activities offered by the entity.

We invite you to tune in to 'Somos llaves' from 11:00 to 11:30 a.m., a new institutional platform to disseminate innovation, creativity and business culture of entrepreneurs, highlighting their achievements, progress and success stories, thus connecting the entire CCB community through the airwaves.

You can also listen to the program via streaming on the RadioRed website.

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