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Mujeres TECH: CCB Accelerator

The acceleration program of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce seeks to achieve accelerated growth and market expansion of high-impact Startups, led by women *CEO or first level Management Staff, through mentoring and workshops on various topics with a framework oriented to Lean methodologies, and design thinking applied to business.

"Cases that do not meet 100% of the requirements, but demonstrate potential to participate in the program, will be evaluated by an internal committee."

Call for applications open until February 23, 2024
Duration of the program: 12 weeks

Program objectives


What is included?

  • Practical workshops in the 5 thematic areas: strategy, marketing, finance, technology and soft skills.

  • Tools and methodologies for Startups in the different thematic areas of the program.

  • Specialized coaching by an expert consultant in innovation.

  • Accompaniment by a leading mentor who belongs to the President's Forum of the CCB and will challenge the strategy from his knowledge and experience.

  • Thematic mentoring that will allow you to close gaps in the different thematic axes of the program.

  • Access to the Women tech network with more than 100 Startups.

  • Participation in events organized or sponsored by CCB.

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