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Innovation management program

This program, which accompanies the creation and implementation of innovation management systems, in order to increase competitiveness and generate value through new products, services, processes and business models, and thus achieve greater competitiveness and sustainability for each of the participating companies.

Likewise, companies will have the possibility of obtaining the Seal of Good Innovation Practices, a co-branded certificate between the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and ICONTEC that is awarded to those companies that have implemented an Innovation Management System (SGI) and that comply with at least 76% of the benchmark created by both institutions, based on the NTC 5801:2018 Standard.

*The cost of this audit with ICONTEC must be assumed by the company.

"Cases that do not meet 100% of the requirements, but demonstrate potential to participate in the program, will be evaluated by an internal committee."

To apply for this program, applicants must fill out the form with the updated information of the company, in turn it is recommended for the documents to be attached, create a shared folder containing all the required attachments and provide the link with authorized access to review the information in the fields where the form requests it.

Minimum requirements to participate


  • To be a legally constituted company, with a time of incorporation of not less than three 3 years as of the opening date of this call.

  • To be registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota and have up to date the renewal of its commercial registration.

  • Have at least 15 employees in administrative areas.

  • Have sales for the year 2023 equal to or greater than 2000 million pesos ($2.000,000,000).

  • Not be subject to dissolution or liquidation.,

  • Be in good standing with the social security and parafiscal contributions during the six months prior to the opening date of this call.

  • Not have any type of incompatibility or inability to contract, according to the provisions of the Constitution and the law.

  • Not to be certified in good innovation practices. Certification granted by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota and Icontec.

  • Fill out and add to the application form the link to the shared folder with all the documents specified and required in the attachments and documents slide.


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Meet some of the companies that have become certified


Companies with current certification of the Seal of Good Innovation Practices

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