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Center for Innovation and Business Design - InnovaLab

We provide you with multiple tools to modernize your product and service offerings, accelerate the growth of your company, implement new technologies and connect with new customers and markets, from processes and innovation strategies.

Innovate and grow your business. Re-initiate yourself now in the business world. The CCB shows you the way.

We want to take care of all our entrepreneurs, so we have a schedule of virtual events on innovation, digital marketing, productivity and digital transformation in two days, in the morning and afternoon.

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) chose Bogota as the Latin American Hub of its Entrepreneurship Center and this center is hosted by INNOVALAB.


Meet the new CCB Innovation and Entrepreneurship Magazine

Innovalab CCB Center for Innovation and Design


Bring Artificial Intelligence AI to your startup or company

Through mentoring and workshops on various topics, the Tech Women program aims to achieve accelerated growth and market expansion of high-impact Startups, led by women *CEO or first level Management Staff, under a framework oriented to Lean methodologies, and design thinking applied to business.


Open Innovation Program

For two (2) months you will work in a team with an Innovalab consultant and a consulting firm, who will help you to structure a collaborative strategy by identifying a business challenge, based on opportunities and aspects of the companies to improve, implementing new knowledge and technologies to improve the process and achieve good results.


Do you want to innovate?

Innovation tastings

Get inspired, learn and implement new innovation tools in your business or company, learning from entrepreneurs and businesswomen of great experience, passionate about innovation.

Meet and participate in all the events we have prepared for you on topics such as:

  • Prototypes (including market validation tools).

  • Inspire to design monetization models.

  • Tools to identify innovation opportunities.

  • Opportunities of exponential technologies in innovation projects.

  • Hidden assets.

  • Lean methodology as transformation models.

Innovation observatories

Lead new opportunities for transformation in your organization, improving or innovating your products, services or processes, and learn more about the behaviors and needs of your customers, based on the analysis of data and trends offered by the market and the different sectors.

We invite you to consult the following reports and documents, where you will find data and information that will broaden your business outlook.

  1. Colombia Tech Report 2021

  2. Tendencias 2022-2023 Technology en the future of enterprises *(new)

  3. Trends Report fot the health, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sector.

  4. Trends report for the fashion sector.

  5. Trends report for the construction and energy sector

  6. Trends report tourism sector

  7. Trends report gastronomic sector

  8. Trends report Business Services Industry

  9. Trends report agricultural and agroindustrial

  10. Trends report Cultural and Creative Industries

  11. Trends report TIC sector

  12. Emerging technologies report

  13. User experience report

  14. Strategy and marketing tactics

Keep innovating


Meet some of the companies that have been certified with the seal of good innovation practices

Best practices


How can you create advantages for your company from knowledge management?

It reviews the Strategic Management of Knowledge in your company and proposes the most practical and optimal mechanisms that you can implement to create advantages for your organization, from the administration and transfer of knowledge products.

We invite you to get to know the Program in detail

Innovation Mixers

Be part of our Innovation Mixers, a meeting space where entrepreneurs and business people gather, exchanging knowledge and experiences, generating new strategies and projects aimed at strengthening business ideas, also expanding their network of contacts, in what we have called an After office.

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Let us help you fulfill your business dreams!

Free of charge and personalized, we invite you to make an evaluation of your business idea with confidential handling of your information. Access to a route of services according to your needs and the support you need to consolidate your business project.

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