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Entrepreneurship incubation program

We promote the creation of ventures and business ideas with added value through workshops and support that will allow you to mature your project, structure your company and launch your business model to the market.

Call for applications: open throughout the year.

Would you like to receive specialized support to identify business opportunities, validate and implement them, structure your company and finally the implementation of your business model to achieve your first sales? We invite you to apply now.

The Bogota Chamber of Commerce invites entrepreneurs and businessmen from the Bogota Region to apply for their ideas or projects of entrepreneurship with added value and innovation, which need support in the transformation of their business model, business structure and market launch in order to generate the first sales.

What does it include?

  • Methodology for opportunity identification, development and validation of prototypes.

  • Consulting with innovation experts during this process.

  • Development of a low-resolution prototype validated in the market.

  • Workshops and support in the business structure.

  • Digital strategy to reach the final consumer

  • Answer to questions such as: How much are they looking for solutions like the one offered? Is the customer willing to buy the product? How much should be invested to get a customer?

What is not included?

  • Functional construction of the prototype.

  • Financial resources.

The program has no economic cost, however, the entrepreneur must have the commitment of senior management, who must designate the necessary resources for the development of the functional prototype and its validation. This program applies only to companies and entrepreneurs in Bogotá and the 59 municipalities under the jurisdiction of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce.

Apply to be part of the incubator, tell us what stage your business initiative is in

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