Stages of the POT and entrepreneur participation

The POT remains in effect over three constitutional periods, that is, a 12 year period, and the Bogotá City Hall is responsible for its drafting, specifically the District Planning Office.  It is important for all stakeholders in society to participate in its drafting, since the definition of the POT will govern the future of Bogotá. Take part in each stage of the POT drafting and development!

For 2017, the CCB has planned for several different dialogue and articulation sessions between private and public stakeholders, aimed at fostering the collective construction of proposals that will contribute to structure Bogotá's POT.

In 2017, the CCB generated areas for dialog and workshops with business people, academia and professional associations, among others, which participate in the roundtables of the “Smart Specialization Strategy” and are part of the 16 cluster initiatives, as well as the associates Corporación Ambiental Empresarial (CAEM) and Invest in Bogotá.

These events worked on making proposals for problems including new uses for land and the mitigation of impact on existing uses of the land, preparation of land for new companies, logistics and mobility infrastructure for cargo transportation, legal security that facilitates long-term investments, and infrastructure for private investment incentives and urban support (equipment, public services, environmental structure and public areas). Said proposals were presented at different events.

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The CCB has planned the development of areas for dialog and public-private coordination for 2018 to make proposals for the Agreement project that the District Administration presents on the city’s Land Management Plan.

Stages for POT development

The District Planning Office has established the following stages:

  • When drafting a POT it is necessary to first have an in-detail view of the territory, what problems there are, what works well and how much growth is expected, where the biggest difficulties are; this results in the establishment of a diagnosis.  These results then serve as the basis for the formulation of zoning actions that will allow to achieve the image and vision for Bogotá's future.
  • Once it has been drafted, the POT is agreed upon with the Autonomous Regional Corporation (CAR), and is brought up to the community for consultation, represented by the Territorial Council at the District Planning Office.  The following step is for the POT to be approved by the Council or by the Mayor, if legally overdue.  Finally, the mayor will implement actions that will turn the goals and objectives of the POT into a reality.
  • In May 2017, the District Planning Secretary disclosed the results of the Land Management Plan Assessment for the whole city and by locality.
  • See more Land Management Plan Progress and Presentation
  • At this point time, the POT is in the preliminary and diagnosis stage.
Etapas del POT

*Imagen Secretaría Distrital de Planeación.

How can entrepreneurs participate in the drafting of the POT?

The CCB has opened up several different scenarios:

  • POT-oriented enterprise workshops, held on November 11, 16, 23 and 24, 2016 in order to provide inputs during the diagnostic stage.  During the session entrepreneurs were able to express their concerns with the territory-related issues affecting their companies. 
  • 2025 Outlook Workshop, carried out in order to provide inputs to the City Vision (held on November 28, 2016). 

For 2017, the CCB has planned for several different dialogue and articulation sessions between private and public stakeholders, aimed at fostering the collective construction of proposals that will contribute to structure Bogotá's POT. Schedule pending.

In 2018, once the District Administration starts the process of disclosing the Agreement project on the Land Management Plan, the CCB will organize different public-private coordination areas, including conferences and forums, where our business people can participate and make recommendations for the city proposal put forward for the next 12 years. Please wait for our schedule.

You can also take part through the District Planning Office's site, where you will find information about the POT and its drafting: y 

Visit: and be part of each stage of the POT.  The District Planning Office created this web platform allowing you to participate in each stage. 


What documents are included in a POT?

  • Technical Supporting Document:  It includes the development, description and application of the technical processes followed when formulating the plan.  It includes the planning as such (general, urban and rural), general plans and blueprints, management and financing models and the execution schedule.
  • Plan Summary Documents: Explanation summary for disclosure.
  • Agreement adopting the Plan: it is the document approving the technical and supporting documents, as well as the general plans. They are a comprehensive part of the agreement. 

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