Smart specialization in the Bogotá Region


Smart Specialization in the Bogotá Region: productive orientation based on knowledge and innovation. 

It is a comprehensive productive development agenda built collectively to transform Bogotá and Cundinamarca based on knowledge and innovation.  It is a dynamic strategy in response to regional capabilities and international trends in project generation. 

Citizens, entrepreneurs, researchers, academics, the public and private sectors, have all participated in the development and construction of the strategy: 

Collective construction process 

  • 100 interviews to regional leaders 
  • 80 online questionnaires
  • 50 workshops and meetings 
  • 535 participants 
  • 140 institutions involved 

Specialization tables

With representatives from the public and enterprise sectors, academia, the scientific community, research centers and civil society. 

Executive committee 

Responsible for the strategic direction and the making of leading institutional decisions:

  • Connect Bogotá Región 
  • Invest in Bogotá
  • Pro Bogotá 
  • Andi- Bogotá sectional, Cundinamarca and Boyacá
  • Private Competitiveness Council  
  • Mayorship of Bogotá
  • Cundinamarca Regional Government
  • National Presidency's High counselor for competitiveness  
  • Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism 
  • Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá

Enterprise forum 

With enterprise leaders who directed the strategy, keeping in mind the current and future productive orientations of both Bogotá and the Region.  

The definition of the smart specialization for Bogotá and Cundinamarca is extremely important for the region, as the world has numerous examples of successful regions which, upon developing and implementing smart specialization exercises, have built favorable environments to increase the prosperity of its residents, bridge social gaps and have available skilled labor.

Furthermore, smart specialization processes strengthen governance, confidence, cooperation efficiency and collaborative dialogues for the strategic management of a territory's development. Priorization of specialty areas makes it possible for regions to be known for their differentiation, innovation and technological convergence.



In 2013 the CCB and Connect Bogotá Región carried out a process to think about and identify inspiring elements from other regions in the world with experiences involving the successful implementation of socio-economic transformation processes of their territories, through innovation.

Findings showed that common elements existed, such as:

• The use of a rigorous and systematic methodology.
• These exercises are carried out during periods of 6 months to a year, with long term implications and commitments.

Criteria for the priorization of specialty areas:


Strengths and competitive advantages of the region's specialization, within global value chains.                                                      


Scientific and technological capabilities with the potential to complement the region's assets. 


Potential for innovation and hybrid sectors. 


Alignment with prior priorization exercises. 


Productive critical mass and enterprise dynamics, as well as the existence of innovative companies and clusters.

Elements of the strategy

Specialization Areas 

Area: Set of consolidated and emerging productive activities supported through facilitating technologies on which regional development will be based.

• The Bogotá Region prioritized five specialty areas: Bio-Pole, Bogotá Creative Region, Enterprise Services, Knowledge Hub, and Sustainable City-Region.


Especialization Niches

Niche: Segment of the specialization area comprised by productive activities and technologies which constitute opportunities to transform the region into an innovative one. 

A total of 19 regional specialization niches were identified; these are dynamic and changing elements depending on their results. 


Strategic projects

Specific initiatives corresponding to each Specialization Niche, with a clear project idea, defined planning and a proper identification of needs, resources and agents for execution.

The strategy is carried out through a dynamic project portfolio.

Where are we now

• Geo-location and management of agents comprising each specialization area.
• In-depth development of the strategic projects portfolio with key stakeholders.
• Management of strategic projects for the specialization areas.
• Articulation of public and private stakeholders to finance the strategy.
• Alignment of the Regional Competitiveness Commission.
• Communication Strategy.


Download the presentation of the project dubbed "Smart Specialization for the Bogotá Region", which summarizes each of the steps taken for the priorization of the different areas. 


Download the presentation made during the event to launch the Regional Competitiveness Commission and its smart specialization strategy. 


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