Shared Value Initiatives

What is Shared Value?

Shared value is a set of business practices which right from their conception has the dual purpose of providing the organization with utilities and improving social, environmental or economic conditions of a specific population related to the business. 

How can your company create Shared Value?
  • Developing new products and services that address social or environmental problems; or bring quality products at affordable prices to underserved markets. To do so, a company has to redefine the business around the client and solve its problems by defining non-traditional products.
  • Achieving greater efficiency in the value chain through:
    • Development of suppliers; leading companies that invest in strengthening their suppliers and, through this strategy, improve their competitiveness and that of their chain.
    • Efficient use of resources; harnessing water, energy and solid waste with positive results on company productivity and environmental sustainability.
    • Development of human resources: companies committed to improving their employees’ general conditions, achieving greater productivity with a positive influence on the qualitative growth of human capital.
  • Playing an active role in cluster initiatives A cluster is a group of companies that increases operative efficiency and productivity, so that the companies can compete at the national and global levels. Clusters allow access to specialized supplies, services, employees, information, institutions, training programs and other local advantages, such as specialized local outsourcing that improves the overall performance of the companies in the cluster. For more information, learn about the clusters agenda of Bogotá region at .


How does the CCB support entrepreneurs?

The CCB has a team that:

i. Promotes the implementation of Shared Value projects in clusters and niches as part of the Intelligent Specialization Strategy of Bogotá, Cundinamarca.

ii. We are working for a favorable business environment in the cities in order for companies to generate Shared Value.

iii. We foster the generation of knowledge on Shared Value by bringing companies, academia and the government together.

iv. We measure and assess the economic, social and environmental benefits of Shared Value initiatives.

v. We show the success cases of companies that generate Shared Value.



Shared Value Prize

In order to promote a new business culture based on companies as protagonists of society's well-being, the CCB created the Shared Value Award in 2013, a recognition to companies that, based a profitable business, manage to improve the social, economic, or environmental conditions.

Casos de éxito

Conozca casos prácticos que le ayudarán a apropiar e implementar el concepto de Valor Compartido, en un proyecto de alto impacto para su empresa.

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