Culture of legality

A commitment of business people


Strong, inclusive and transparent institutions are an essential requirement for social and economic development. Therefore, the CCB helps to consolidate a culture of legality that promotes good practices in Greater Bogotá’s private sector.

Practices against the rule of law, such as corruption, bribery and money laundering have serious consequences for the market economy. Bogotá is no exception and it has also been affected by these practices.


The Global Competitiveness Report identifies corruption as the most problematic factor for doing business in Colombia (World Economic Forum, 2018) and the country is in 96th place out of 180 in the Corruption Perceptions Index (Transparency International, 2018).


As well as having serious economic consequences, corruption is a phenomenon that affects citizens’ trust in the state and in the economic actors. Furthermore, this type of practice directly affects human rights.

Similarly, the informal employment has become an obstacle for development, as it limits the capacity for business growth, access to other markets and obtaining loans. According to studies by the National Planning Department, growth has a negative relationship with informal employment and in turn, this has a positive relationship with poverty. Despite Bogotá being one of the cities with the lowest rates of informal employment, it is worrying that more than 40% of the working population falls outside of labor legislation and its benefits.

This panorama requires the promotion and building of a culture of legality with the participation of different public and private actors.

The CCB promotes a culture of legality through the generation and management of knowledge, advocacy on public policy and coordination with the people involved.

Additionally, the CCB promotes a culture of legality from different perspectives and approaches, as it acknowledges that the phenomenon of corruption and informal employment is complex and requires different additional strategies, such as moral, legal, institutional and cultural strategies or social norms.


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