The CCB is in charge of the model and leads the relation and participation strategy of the business sector in agendas of security, coexistence and justice at the district and regional levels.


Strategic lines

1. Perception and Victimization Survey in Bogotá
2. Generate knowledge about topics that affect businessmen
3. Public-private collaboration to contribute to security, coexistence and justice

3.1.  Culture of Legality Campaign

3.2.  Prevención de violencia juvenil: En la Juega

3.3. Coordination with the National Police

4. Impact public agendas to promote the private sector’s role in security, coexistence and justice agendas

4.1 Incidencia en Política Pública Distrital de Seguridad y Convivencia

4.2 Incidencia en Política Pública de Justicia

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