• We promote the risk reduction and prevention in corporate activities in Bogotá and the Region

The Citizen and Corporate Safety Direction promotes the reduction and prevention of risks in corporate activities in Bogotá and the Region, and develops public-private cooperation initiatives to provide specialized information and strengthen institutional actions with proposals aimed at fostering a more competitive environment with citizen security and safety.


Security Observatory: It characterizes the risks affecting the enterprise activities and citizen security in order to draw public policy recommendations and actions.

  • Balance from Bogotá and Cundinamarca. 
  • Perception and Victimization Survey (Citizen and Enterprise)
  • Interactive Security Atlas

Enterpreneurial management of security: Develops and promotes the use of tools, contents and programs to reduce risks in enterprise activities.

  • Responsible and safe businesses. 
  • Culture of legality.
  • Prevention tools.

Institutional strengthening: Develops actions and programs aimed towards strengthening the institutions tasked with security and coexistence.

  • Citizen services manual
  • Virtual course: territorial management of security and coexistence. 
  • Find your quadrant.
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