EmPaz, tools for Peace

“EmPaz: Enterprise Measurement for Peace" is a tool entrepreneurs in Colombia can use to measure how much they are contributing to the construction of peace in the country, as well as to define strategies that will allow them to improve their efforts to achieve this goal.

EmPaz has six lines of analysis dubbed "Dimensions of enterprise intervention for peace", which relate to topics such as strategic management for peace, reconciliation and coexistence, human capital, institutionality and participation, inclusive socio-economic development and environmental sustainability, each of them with specific measurable indicators. 



How does it work?

EmPaz includes:

• A protocol to review all policies, principles and practices the company has adopted that are related to peace.

• A diagnostic form to assess the company's management and its social initiatives.

• Interviews with executives, employees, beneficiaries of the initiatives and other key actors.

This information allows the FIP and the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá to formulate an analysis with indicators and scores, and make personalized recommendations focused on each company's characteristics and operations context.

What's in it for the company?

  • Identifying strengths and opportunities for improving the peace building process.
  • Undertaking a self-assessment and internal learning process to improve management.
  • Obtaining input for strategic and operational decision-making processes.
  • Improving the capacity to analyze and manage risks, including economic, social, human rights and conflict prevention risks.

To begin the diagnostic process, which is free of charge, businessmen must contact the CCB seguridadpazyjusticia@ccb.org.co or Ideas para la Paz Foundation via e-mail empaz@ideaspaz.org and request the information needed to perform the measurement

EmPaz will diagnose the company in order to measure its contribution to peace with its management, including its internal processes, policies and practices, as well as specific peace-related initiatives.

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