Tours of memories

"Tour of Memories" is a project that seeks to bring new meaning to city spaces, and the way in which we traverse them every day. The initiative, led by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, and supported by the High Office for Victims' Rights, Peace and Reconciliation, as well as the Embassy of the Netherlands, is a contribution by entrepreneurs to the peace-building process.

The project articulates different sectors of civil society and several different collective organizations using bicycles as an instrument of citizenship. The main theme in the different tours is to remember the armed conflict and the peace achieved, and to give new meaning to the rights of the victims of the armed conflict, in addition to having contents related to the different trades and businesses, photography, literature, gender, childhood and inclusion; it is also framed in the context of the activities carried out within the activities related to "Bogotá, Global City of Peace", the award received by Bogotá on account of its hosting of the 16th World Summit of Peace Laureates.

Tenth stage: Main stage

Vuelta a la memoria 10 etapa

The tenth and last stage of the “Memory Tour”, known as the “main stage” represented the closing of the project that began in November 2016, and has been focused on giving new meaning to spaces in the city and the way in which we move around it on a daily basis.

On a path that started at the Salitre office of the CCB and arrived at the library, on November 7, bicycle users reflected on the process that, for one year, promoted the use of bicycles as a means to get to know the city and recognize those spaces in which transformative processes are carried out regarding peace building and reconciliation.

“Memory Tour” was consolidated as a model combining educational elements for peace. See images of the tour.

Ninth stage: "Pedaling for Peace"

Vuelta a la memoria 9 etapa

On the September 21st edition of the "Tour on Memory" a celebration was held honoring the International Day of Peace, aligned with the activities related to the declaration which dubbed Bogotá as the "Global City of Peace". On this opportunity the bicycle tour began at the Santander Park, in downtown Bogotá, which has been the setting for countless events in the city's history; an initial stop was made at the Lourdes Park to remember the 20 years of the Mandate for Peace, and then the tour closed in Usaquen, a district which houses different social sectors which allows for meetings through dialogue and the construction of social processes. See pictures of the event.

Eighth stage: "Dale biela a Bogotá"

Vuelta a la memoria 8 etapa

On Thursday, August 17, 2017, as part of Bogotá’s 479th Birthday and Summer Festival, the eighth “Vuelta a la Memoria” (Down Memory Lane) event was held, called “Dale Biela a Bogotá” (Cranking up Bogotá).  The route started in Parkway and ended in Parque de los Hippies in Chapinero. See pictures of the event.

Seventh stage: Teather and cycling  

Vuelta a la memoria 7

The seventh stage of the "Tour of Memories" that rode through the streets of Bogotá on July 25th, began at the Center for Memory, Peace and Reconciliation, with the play Antigones, Women's Tribunal. The cast of the play included professional artists and women whose children died in illegal executions, survivors of the genocide against the Unión Patriótica, and victims of persecution against human rights advocates and leaders. See pictures of the event

Sixth stage: Peace blossoms by pedaling

sexta vuelta memoria
sexta vuelta memoria2
sexta vuelta memoria 3

This stage of the "Tour of Memories", which was held on June 28th, focused on riding to remember the importance of our lands, especially those belonging to the victims of the armed conflict.  The starting point for this sixth stage was Transmilenio's Terminal Station in Suba. See pictures of this ride.

Fifth stage: the trade of pedaling

Vuelta a la memoria 5

On May 27th, this fifth stage served as a space to reflect and acknowledge those trades related with bicycles and which day by day have built the city's memories.  The ride from the Brazil Park in the district of Teusaquillo, down to the City Records Building, paid homage to leather workers, shoemakers and bicycle delivery boys, among others.  See pictures of the event.

Fourth stage: Memory day 

Vuelta a la memoria 4

In celebration of the "National day of remembrance and solidarity with armed conflict victims", the fourth stage was held on Sunday, April 9th.  The stage served to reflect about the different ways in which violence derived from Colombia's internal armed conflict has affected the social and political sectors in Bogotá. See the pictures of the event.


Third stage: International women's rights day

The third stage of the Tour was held on March 8th, in the context of the celebration of the International Women's Rights day, from the Plaza de Bolivar, to the Banderas (Flags) monument in the district of Kennedy.


Second stage: Bogotá, Global City of Peace

The context of the 16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates served to frame this second stage where around 300 bicycle riders carrying white flags joined in. This stage began in the Corferias Arch, rode through the Simon Bolivar Park, and arrived in the National Park.


First stage: The axle of memory

November 25th, 2016 was the date chosen for the first ride in this project, in the context of the actions held for the International Day to Condemn Violence Against Women.  Over one hundred bicycle riders met at the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce's Salitre site to participate in the first ride through spaces that have been scenarios of violence, such as the former offices of El Espectador, the monument to Jaime Garzón, the Calima Mall, and the Center for Memory, Peace and Reconciliation.


* Images provided by the City Center for Memory, Peace and Reconciliation 

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