Enterprise agenda for peace

Agenda empresarial para la paz

Eight private organizations, led by the CCB, came together to create the "Shared Corporate Peace-Building Agenda". 

This initiative is the result of an agreement and articulation process aimed at discussing, designing, implementing and developing the Agenda that will guide the efforts of the private sector in the short, medium and long term.

The agenda purports to become a useful reference and to provide tools and practical methodologies to entrepreneurs who make the decision to participate in the peace-building process the country is going through.

The management group for this exercise is comprised by:

  • Confecámaras (CON)
  • ProAntioquia (PA)
  • Association of Enterprise Foundations (AFE)
  • Reconciliación Colombia (RC)
  • Foundation for the Comprehensive Development of the Pacific Coast (FDI Pacífico)
  • Ideas for Peace Foundation (FIP)
  • Bogota Chamber of Commerce (CCB)


Progress made by the different teams

Agenda paz 1

A strategic meeting was held on July 12th, 2017, with participation from the representatives from different organizations: AFE, Confecámaras, Probarranquilla, Proantioquia, FIP, Reconciliación Colombia and the CCB, in order to validate the progress being made by the different technical teams, and to determine the actions to implement during the rest of the year.

Also, the meeting served to approve the image that will represent the Corporate Peace-Building Agenda. See pictures of the event.

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