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For the community in general. This service allows the user to consult all the library information in the library network according to the internal policies for service provision.  Library material may be photocopied according to copyright regulations.

How do external loans work?

This service allows users to borrow library material from the library network’s facilities for a term established according to the internal policies for service provision. The library material may be renewed for two equal terms in person or online.

Who is it designed for?

  • CCB employees and its associates
  • Companies of the CCB Members’ Circle

What are the requirements?

  • CCB employees and associates need to present their institutional ID card.
  • People in the Members’ Circle need to submit a letter requesting the loan, a photocopy of their ID and a photocopy of their membership card.
Learn more about interlibrary loans

We provide an interlibrary loan service thanks to interinstitutional agreements with more than 50 institutions in Bogotá and Cundinamarca. This service consists of facilitating access to library material that our library network does not have and that can be requested on loan from several institutions through the agreement.

How are the agreements established?

  • Letter of application or e-mail from the interested institutions.
  • Completion of the authorized forms, including the signatures that authorize them for the process during the term of the agreement.
  • Each one of the parties sends an e-mail accepting the agreement application.


How can you request an interlibrary loan?

  • Complete the loan form with the information on the library material.
  • Submit the current ID of the institution with which there is an agreement.

Terms and conditions

  • The agreements have a term of one year, which can be renewed according to the parties’ interests.
  • The material can be borrowed for a term of eight days, which may be renewed for an equal amount of time.

The library material to renew must not have pending loan requests from other users.

High-demand books, encyclopedias, dictionaries and some materials with special physical features or content are excluded from this service.

How does the photocopy service work?

Service for the general community and CCB employees for the reproduction of library material according to the users’ request, in adherence with copyright laws. This service is provided at our libraries located in the Salitre and Chapinero offices.

Only the photocopy form needs to be completed.

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Free service offered by the library network to disclose services and information resources we have in place to meet our internal and external users’ information needs.

Who is it designed for?

  • CCB employees and its associates
  • Business people, entrepreneurs and interested institutions.


Internet service in our libraries

We make different tools available to you for access to and use of the existing information resources on the network.

Who is it designed for?

  • It is designed for all users interested in different content according to their specialty.

Terms and conditions

  • This service is provided solely for academic and research purposes.
  • Access to games or any other type of content that affects the integrity or sensitivity of our users is not permitted.
  • The use time of the service depends on the demand and availability of equipment.

All of network's libraries have a wireless network for internet access through different devices.

Professional guidance on searching for information

Advice provided by staff qualified in information searches and recovery through different resources and channels. Its aim is to create the optimal conditions to meet our internal and external users’ information needs.

  • Access is free to the public.
  • It does not require a letter of introduction from other institutions.
Learn about our specialized information service

Specialized and personalized information service directed at CCB employees and greater Bogotá business people and entrepreneurs with the aim to provide specialist and bespoke information on our users’ topics of interest. This service keeps you up-to-date on our new acquisitions, latest news, e-mail addresses, complete texts and topics of interest in your area of specialization and that mark trends.

You need to complete the applicable form to access this service.

Training on information search strategies

Free training service on the different sources, tools and search strategies to achieve better results that meet quality, reliability and time requirements. Directed at CCB employees and its associates, business people, entrepreneurs and interested institutions.

This is a free service and the training needs to be requested via e-mail:

Learn about our service to consult the images of companies registered in the CCB

This free service aims to facilitate access to information about the registration or renewal of individuals, companies, commercial establishments, etc. This information is provided by CCB clients when registering or altering any information (address, telephone number, e-mail, registered agent, etc.).

This database aims to supply, communicate and inform society about the legality and existence of companies registered in the city of Bogotá for the purposes of marketing and to establish their consumption trends or profiles and/or legality.

When consulting the database, remember that you need to have some of the following information:

• Merchant's certificate.
• Tax ID no. (Nit).
• Business name.
• ID number of the company's registered agent.


• All people interested in the topic may access the service.
• Access from any of the network's libraries.
• The information consulted may only be printed in our offices .

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Article 20
First newpaper with information on Colombia's government, congress and supreme courts of justice.

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