Kennedy office and business centre - Library

Hugo Nelson Cano Cano
Avda. Carrera 68 nro. 30-15 Sur

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Bogotá D. C. (), Colombia
5941000 ext. 4307

  • Consult the public registries of companies registered in the CCB
  • Specialized and bespoke information: support for business people and entrepreneurs, internal employees and CCB Cluster
  • Online library for consulting and downloading complete documents
  • Merchant’s registry support on consulting ISIC codes, names, pre-registration of the Unique Tax Registry (RUT, for the Spanish original), models and minutes.


Type of publication:

  • Specialist journals on business and management topics: Harvard Deusto Business Review, Wobi. World Business International, Wobi, Harvard Deusto Marketing y Ventas, MisionPyme, LatinPyme, Entrepreneur, among others.
  • Specialist books on enterprise, starting a company, business management, economics, trade, arbitration and conciliation, and information on Greater Bogotá.
  • Publications about industrial risks, economic sectors (plastic, packaging, paper and cardboard, footwear leather, dressmaking, knitting and food) and risk studies on commerce, and market handbooks.

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