Annual payment of the ICA tax

As of 2017, around 153 thousand small business owners in Bogotá will benefit from the annual payment of the Industry and Trade Tax (ICA) in the city. The City Council has issued Agreement 648 "which simplifies the city's fiscal and tax system, and issues other dispositions and ordinances", which sets forth several recommendations made by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá.

This Agreement collects some of the CCB's initiatives. Among them is the "simplification of the tax statement", as set forth in the article, which changes the term for payment and allows taxpayers to make an annual payment. 

The measure does not cover taxpayers whose tax payable is higher than 391 UVT ($11.633.000 year 2016).

New Police Code

With the entry into effect of Law 1801 of 2016 "Which issues the National Police and Coexistence Code", the CCB is working with the city's government to facilitate its application in Bogotá.

It is important for the CCB to participate and provide inputs to the process being carried out by the Bogotá City Hall regarding the regulation of different aspects pertaining to this Code. 

Along these same lines, the CCB is partaking in meetings called by the Accidental Commission created under the City Council for the proper harmonization between Law 1801 and the Bogotá Police Code.

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