Government and citizens

The Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá (CCB) fosters institutional strengthening so the capital city, as well as its residents, especially entrepreneurs, are able to face the city's challenges and contribute to the creation of a more positive business environment. 

Public incidence

The CCB, based on the knowledge it generates, and on its capacity to articulate public and private stakeholders, the CCB formulates and manages proposals to national, departmental and district public authorities aimed at generating improved conditions for the conduction of entrepreneurial activities.

Institutional strengthening

The CCB supports the modernization of the city's institutional capabilities through actions aimed at strengthening the efficiency, transparency and participation by corporate stakeholders.

Open governance

Representing civil society and, specifically, the enterprise sector, the CCB builds partnerships with the public sector in order to implement effective actions to foster and promote access to information in order to formulate and implement public policies in accordance with the private sector's needs and expectations. 

Corporate participation

The CCB is currently conducting a survey study about participation by the enterprise sector in district and local instances and bodies tasked with making decisions that impact the city's economic development


We promote and headspear proposals that influence the formulation of policies, the life in Bogotá, as well as public management

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