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The Single Point of Contact for Businesses (VUE, for the Spanish original) is a tool that enables you to save time and reduce the amount of procedures to create companies.

The VUE started to operate on June 26, 2018. It is an online platform created through coordination between the public and private sectors, and which is part of the Colombian Government’s strategy to simplify the process of creating companies and to make life easier for business people.

Download the VUE infographic here: Creating a company in Colombia is now quicker and easier

The VUE brings benefits such as reducing the steps and time to create companies, channeling information through the VUE, minimizing costs, not having to write the same information in different forms, and providing advice during the process.

Download the executive summary of the VUE here.

Entities such as the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Health, Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá (CCB) and Confecámaras have participated in the creation of the VUE since 2015

Download the VUE document here: Transforming how companies are created in Colombia


With the implementation of the VUE, the country’s business people have a tool in their hands that integrates the business, tax and social security procedures for starting companies. Furthermore, in the future, the VUE will incorporate other procedures related to the business lifecycle.


See the pictures of the VUE launch here

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