Enterprise dynamics

  • Information and overall characteristics of enterprise investment, entrepreneurship and enterprise informality

The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce generates information and knowledge about the behavior and overall characteristics of of enterprise investment, entrepreneurship and enterprise informality. Furthermore, the management of the  cluster initiatives  and  macro-sectors .

Dynamics of corporate investment: Creation and liquidation of companies

The CCB analyzes the behavior and dynamics related to the creation, renewal and liquidation of companies in Bogotá and the region, in order to monitor and follow-up on the main enterprise indicators such as growth of the corporate base, size, economic sector, legal activity, and others which enable a better understanding of the market conditions as well as the identification of opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

1. Bogotá's partner entrepreneurs  (spanish version)


The CCB monitors the entrepreneurial activity in Bogotá, through the GEM Report for Bogotá, in order to provide a full scenario about the diagnosis of the enterprise activity in the city, identify the profile of new entrepreneurs, as well as the characteristics of their enterprise projects and the city's entrepreneurship climate.  

  1. Bogotá 2013-2014 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor- GEM- annual report  (spanish version)
  2. Bogotá 2012-2013 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor- GEM- annual report  (spanish version)
  3. Previous GEM reports  (spanish version)
  4. Bogotá and women in the business world  (spanish version)

The CCB produces information and analyzes the characteristics of informality in order to expand knowledge by the public and private sectors regarding the needs, policies and actions required in order to facilitate the formalization and sustainability of companies in the market, as well as to aim the Chamber's services portfolio towards these companies. 

  1. Profile of informal companies in Bogotá, 2013  (spanish version)
Cluster and macro-sectors

In order to consolidate the management of the cluster and macro-cluster initiatives in Bogotá and the region under the CCB's area of influence, we generate information and knowledge to identify the economic and enterprise characteristics, needs and opportunities of the clusters, as well as to contribute to the monitoring activities with the creation of observatories and the management of studies and action plans.  

SME survey

Jointly with ANIF, the CCB carried out a survey measuring the perception of SME entrepreneurs about the situation of their companies and sectors, their perspectives, and the policies and actions required to support their activity and business operations. 

  1. Grand SME Survey:  Results report, first half of 2017. Regional read  (spanish version)
  2. Grand SME Survey:  Results report, first half of 2016. Regional read  (spanish version)
  3. Grand SME Survey:  Results report, first half of 2015. Regional read  (spanish version)
  4. Previous SME surveys  (spanish version)
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