Competitive positioning

  • We track and follow-up on the progress Bogotá has made, comparing them against those by the main cities in the region

In order to consolidate Bogotá as one of the most driving regions, with the highest quality of life in Latin America, the CCB monitors Bogotá's progress comparing it against other main cities in the region, as a means to determine its attractiveness to do business and live in, based on the perception shared by entrepreneurs and investors regarding the most important criteria measuring urban competitiveness.

Bogotá's Competitive Position in Latin America

We follow up on Bogotá's strengths and gaps compared against other main cities in Latin America, in order to understand which factors are driving its performance, boosting its appeal as a city to live and invest in, do business and offering better quality-of-life conditions for its inhabitants. 

  1. Bogotá's competitive position, 2014  (spanish version)
  2. Progress made in closing Bogotá's competitiveness gaps in the Latin American scenario  (spanish version)
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