Regional Competitiveness

It promotes spaces for dialogue to formulate and manage projects that will improve the business environment and quality of life of the inhabitants of Bogotá.

Regional Commission on Competitiveness

The Regional Commission on Competitiveness (CRC) operates as a space for public - private connections to improve the competitiveness of the Region

Since 2001, the CRC of Bogotá and Cundinamarca has operated continuously through a memorandum of understanding as a space for public - private negotiations to promote an enabling environment for the sustainable generation of wealth and increasing quality of life for its inhabitants. The efforts to bridge the public and the private began in 2001 with the creation of the Regional Council on Competitiveness, today known as the Commission, under the framework of the National Competitiveness System.

This process of concerted work has been strengthened by engaging technical and financial efforts among the public, business and academic sectors in the region to carry out projects to improve the business environment on matters of internationalization, innovation, productive chains, business development, sustainable development and infrastructure.

Currently, the CRC in Bogotá and Cundinamarca is in the process of strengthening its conceptual and organizational structure, to allow the Region to have a space for public - private engagement, with the capacity to create, structure, and carry out projects that boost the region's competitiveness, innovation and sustainable development.

System for Monitoring and Improving the Business Environment in Bogotá

The System identifies obstacles in the business environment and allows for determining actions to overcome them 

The System for Monitoring and Improving the Business Environment in Bogotá is a mechanism for public and private institution integration to determine obstacles to the business environment in Bogotá, which allow for planning and managing efforts to overcome them and follow up on the business environment climate.

The Bogotá Agency for Attracting Investments -Invest in Bogotá, the Bogotá Regional Andi, the District Secretary of Economic Development and the CCB participated in this public private initiative.

The Business Climate and Investment in Bogotá Survey is currently being carried out on 6,450 companies, whose results are the baseline for the prioritizing barriers. See more information on this subject .

Support for the Clusters environment

Initiatives that allow for improving the business environment for Clusters 

Through dialogue with strategic public and private entities and actors on the national, departmental and district level, we support clusters to identify possible areas for improving the clusters, through proposals for policy adjustments, the creation of support instruments for the national, departmental or district governments, public policy proposals, invitations and places for analyzing and communicating strategic issues, and others.

We also promote the identification of actors, programs and strategic action lines defined by public entities and by the academy, that may contribute to the improvement of the clusters environment.

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