Cities and regions of the world compete to position themselves as attractive places for investment, and to have high quality of life standards and a strong business fabric. To do so, it is fundamental to define strategies and policies aimed at promoting a favorable environment for creating productive and sustainable formal businesses, facilitating production transformation, and increasing opportunities for knowledge and entrepreneurship available to their inhabitants, for the purpose of creating jobs and quality income.

For this purpose, the CCB facilitates interaction between public and private actors for the identification, creation and management of projects and initiatives that foster an climate favorable for production activities and business in the city and the region. This is done through three large lines of action involving public-private cooperation:

  1. Internationalization
  2. Innovation
  3. Regional competitiveness

It identifies and manages public-private articulation matters and projects related to strategic innovation for the region.

Regional Competitiveness

It promotes meeting spaces for the formulation and management of projects that will improve the business environment and the quality of life of the residents of Bogotá.

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