Bogotá Escenarios 2025

Bogotá Escenarios 2025 is a process that calls for the participation of all the actors of Bogotá and the Region to develop and manage agreements to benefit from our strong potential and jointly manage our future.

The CCB and the City Hall have led a process to build possible scenarios of the future of our capital up to the year 2025, in order to provide the city with a guide for the strategic management of its development based on constructive dialog among its main leaders and stakeholders, calling for the participation and commitment of the entire city in order to turn them into strategies and actions of shared public and private responsibility.



Our objective is to promote an innovative process to transform debate and dialog on city-related topics, and open up new possibilities to the guidance and management of Bogotá.

We aim to bring together different sectors of society to discuss the present and possible future scenarios of the city, and generate commitments of shared responsibility in the management of the solutions.

Through the Bogotá 2025 process, we aim to:

  • Show the people of Bogotá that dialog makes it possible to overcome differences and join efforts that will allow us to build a better future for the city, and renew trust and optimism in Bogotá.
  • Provide Bogotá, its leaders and its citizens with a forward-looking framework for the management of the city that will empower citizens and promote new leaderships in the capital city of Colombia.
  • Develop transformative dialog skills in the city's different groups and sectors regarding the reality, problems and solutions, to promote coordination among actors for the future of Bogotá.
  • Develop agreements in society about strategic topics for the future development of the city.
  • Have an impact on the aims of the city's future administrations and on public opinion in order to include policies and projects in the development plans to promote and, if applicable, continue the strategic actions and plans identified for Bogotá and the region.
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