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Frequently asked questions
What is land zoning?

It is the set of actions taken by municipalities or districts to:

Guide the development of the territory under its jurisdiction and to regulate the use, transformation and occupation of space. All of this in accordance with the development plans approved by the municipality or district and in harmony with the environment and historical and cultural traditions of its inhabitants. The land zoning is regulated through the Land Zoning Plans.

What is the Territorial Zoning Plan (POT)?

It is the road map for municipalities and districts to plan their development so they can prepare for the challenges of growth, improving the quality of life of the people and cities' competitiveness. The Bogotá POT can be found on the website of the District Planning Secretariat:

What are the Zone Plans?

In Bogotá there are special zones determined by size, condition or location and they are strategic for urban and regional performance. Certain particular zoning conditions must be determined for these areas regarding the city's major systems as well as certain criteria for zoning the use of land and the ways it may be occupied and harnessed. The POT defined 5 zones in the city that would need an intermediate planning instrument called Zone Plans, these areas are: Usme, the Zone for the expansion of the North, Center, El Dorado Airport and Puente Aranda.  

What are the Rezoning Plans?

They are rules governing the special conditions for placing institutional projects, i.e. centers for education, health, culture and recreation, among others, and land acquisition by the Capital District for public use. In addition to the specific urban regulations for these projects, rezoning plans should include the management and financing tools needed to ensure its execution.


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