Entrepreneurial management of security

  • It is promoted through collaboration between social stakeholders, citizens and the private and public sector, cooperation agencies and civil society in general

What tools am I able to use in order to avoid falling prey to asset laundering? 

Learn more about the asset laundering risk management model, and follow the steps included. This way, you will be able to implement measures to protect your business.

Take part in the culture of legality, following these steps:

1. Learn more about the Colombian norms and regulations.
2. Respect, accept and understand our laws.
3. Remember that breaking the law involves sanctions and penalties.

Please keep in mind that: 

  • There is a State structure, and control bodies that promote the enforcement of laws and norms.
  • There is a support system for victims.
  • There is an advocacy process for those accused of breaking our norms and laws.
  • There are participation mechanisms to create or amend laws whenever required.


Enterprise risks survey

This survey identifies and characterizes security issues affecting enterprise activities in Bogotá. Download and learn more about it.

Enterprise Risks Survey

Sensibilization campaigns

2016 - 2017

2013 - 2014



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