We undertake actions to strengthen the System of Chambers of Commerce in the country's Center-South region of the country 


Asocentro, through the development of strategies such as support for high-impact projects to boost competitiveness in the region, favor knowledge transfer, articulation between public and private stakeholders and institutional assistance, among others. The CCB supports the institutional strengthening of the chambers of commerce in the country's south and central region, through knowledge transfer, methodologies, tools and best practices; it promotes the regional and enterprise development of the eleven (11) departments that comprise Asocentro, through assistance and support to programs and projects that contribute to promote productivity, enterprise competitiveness and the quality of life of their inhabitants.

At this time, we are developing projects to promote entrepreneurship and strengthening in the tourism and agro-industrial sector. Asocentro is comprised by the Chambers of Commerce of Amazonas, Bogotá, Girardot, Facatativá, Duitama, Tunja, Sogamoso, the South and East of Tolima, Honda, Ibagué, Villavicencio, San José del Guaviare and Florencia for Caquetá, and Neiva.

Área de influencia de la red de Cámaras de la zona Centro y sur del país - Asocentro

Regional competitiveness projects

We foster the competitiveness of Colombia's Center-South Region, through specific initiatives and actions.

We accompany and support productive projects promoting competitiveness, developed by the chambers of commerce that comprise Asocentro (Amazonas, Duitama, Facatativá, Florencia, Girardot, Honda, Ibagué, Neiva, Tunja, San José del Guaviare, Sogamoso, South and East of Tolima, Villavicencio).

The projects led by the Chambers of Commerce in Asocentro's area of influence, which are supported by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, contribute to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the enterprise sector, in order to increase the quality of life of the region's inhabitants, while strengthening the institutional development of the Chambers of Commerce in the center and south of the country. At this time we are engaged in supporting sector competitiveness projects focusing on.

Competitiveness projects for the tourism industry

We work towards the development and competitiveness of the tourism sector in the country's Central and Southern regions, promoting the vision of an integrated, competitive and sustainable region, with a supply of quality, unique and innovative tourism products and services. To this end, we focus our efforts on each of the subject areas required as part of a tourism development process, such as planning, markets, tourism product, tourism services, promotion, marketing, innovation and investment, in alignment with the different regions' needs.

Furthermore, we promote and strengthen spaces and platforms allowing us to turn tourism into an option to boos the dynamics of regional economies, from the organization or local stakeholders, driving their inclusion, commitment and leadership in order to make tourism into an activity that will truly contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the region's inhabitants.

Diseño del Modelo de Desarrollo Turístico desarrollado por la CCB - copia

Competitiveness projects for agro-industries

We contribute to the strengthening of the agricultural, agro-industrial and animal-breeding sectors in each of the regions in the country's Center-South region, generating more and better agricultural companies that will propel the generation of jobs, increased revenues and an improvement in the quality of life of those who see the sector as a social and economic alternative.  We work on the development of projects that contribute to the region's productive transformation and corporate strengthening, generating an improved and more competitive offering of products and services that goes in alignment with the demands and expectations from the regional, national and international markets. 

Program and knowledge transfer

We share contents, methodologies, tools and experiences from different programs involving entrepreneurship, innovation, agricultural companies, tourism and other topics, in order to contribute to the regional and enterprise development of the areas under the influence of the chambers of commerce in the Center-South Region.

National Entrepreneurship Program.

The Enterprise Region National Entrepreneurship Program was created with an approach and features that allow for it to be adapted in order to tend to the needs and expectations of citizens, entrepreneurs and business leaders in any region in Colombia, independently from their gender, age or condition.

Its purpose is to provide innovative and practical services that are useful for those seeking to develop their culture and their ability to start their own undertakings and for individuals hoping to establish their own company or to grow one they have recently created.

The possibility of fulfilling such a mission and scope is based on the development of a model to transfer the Entrepreneurship Program dubbed "Enterprise Region", developed for the CCB, in order to implement it in the different regions in the country, via the chambers of commerce, as these are institutions whose strategic goal is the promotion of enterprise development in their areas of influence.

During its first stage, the National Entrepreneurship Plan was transferred to 12 chambers of commerce around the country (Valledupar, Santa Marta, Cúcuta, Tunja, Manizales, Pereira, Armenia, Ibagué, Neiva, Florencia and Pasto). The results from the implementation of this model were as follows: 635 companies were created, 464 projects and companies received financing, 1.964 entrepreneurs made effective contacts and 711 closed business deals.

Recently, the Enterprise Region Entrepreneurship Program has been transferred to nine chambers of commerce in the country's center-south region: Amazonas, Duitama, Espinal, Girardot, Facatativá, Honda, Sogamoso, San José de Guaviare and Villavicencio

Scope of the Enterprise Region Program:

  • Eight (8) program launches, with a total attendance of 1.584 people.
  • Provision of 299 services by the Program in regions covered by the chambers of commerce.
  • Total attendance of 4.692 beneficiaries to the services.
  • Training to 32 professionals from the regions as service providers for the Enterprise Region Program.
  • Training to 16 professionals from the chambers of commerce, about the operational model of the Enterprise Region Program.
  • An Entrepreneurship Week was held in San José del Guaviare, with 18 services rendered and attendance by 894 people. Visit our photo gallery

Tourism Development Model

According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), tourism accounts for 9% of the world's GDP, and the sector has become consolidated both in developed as well as in developing countries, becoming a driving force for the job offering, as it provides one out of every 11 jobs in the world. According to the WTO, in 2013 visitor arrivals in the world grew from 1.035 million in 2012, to 1.087 million in 2013.

According to the 2014 - 2018 Tourism Sector Plan, Tourism: a tool to support the construction of peace in Colombia; this sector grew by 5,9% while the global figure was 4,5%, proving that this activity is gaining in importance in the country.

The CCB has developed methodological tools that will allow the chambers of commerce that are members of Asocentro to strengthen the tourism industry and improve tourism management, by focusing their efforts in the proposal for a Tourism Development Model that will aim, and focus, local and regional efforts into those areas that are seen as priorities for the development of regional tourism.

The model allows for the strategic focusing of the logical sequence that needs to be followed in order for a region to achieve orderly and sustainable tourism development, keeping in mind each region's own territorial conditions and characteristics, acting in the context of a tourism industry that is competitive but also sustainable, that is environmentally respectful and friendly, that preserves the natural and cultural heritage, and that generates the economic conditions that support an improved quality of life for the region's inhabitants.

Agro-Enterprise Development Model 

We have built an Agro-Enterprise Development Model conceived as an instrument which allows chambers of commerce to contribute to the improvement of the business environment, to strengthen companies in the agricultural, agro-industrial and animal farming sectors which show significant growth potential in each territory, and as a strategy to promote the creation of wealth and opportunities.

The Agro-Enterprise Development Model is a tool for chambers of commerce in the country's Center - South region, members of Asocentro, to develop strategies to strengthen and support the sector in their own regions, through the identification of needs and potentials, the structuring of services and the involvement of partners and allies, generating more and better companies centered on agricultural and agro-industrial businesses which promote employment, foster greater revenues and an improvement of the quality of life of those who see the agricultural life as a social and economic alternative.

Design of the Agro-Enterprise Development Model developed by the CCB; an effort to benefit the region.

Diseño del Modelo de Desarrollo Agroempresarial desarrollado por la CCB, “Una apuesta por la Región”
Strengthening of the Chambers of Commerce members of Asocentro

We carried out training activities as well as others to strengthen the Network of Chambers.

We held events and assistance and training processes aimed at sharing ideas, learning best practices, discovering management experiences and debating about common-interest topics, in order to develop strategic and management capabilities within the chambers of commerce in the Center - South region.

There are two scenarios available where the chambers of commerce are involved in sharing ideas and experiences, along with building joint development processes: the Asocentro Presidents' Meeting, and the Regional Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Committee. These scenarios are used to determine the action lines to be followed, depending on the programs and projects that determine the road-map as well as the actions to be implemented in a given time. And directed towards promoting the region's development.

Virtual Certificate Course in project management.

The CCB provides tools and programs to the chambers of commerce members of Asocentro, which allow them to consolidate the management efforts that each of them make in their own regions; one such tool is the Project Management short course, aimed at strengthening the conceptual and operational project management skills and capabilities, at the chambers of commerce in the center and south regions of the country. With the development of this certificate course, directors and professionals from 12 chambers of commerce strengthen competencies related to:

Components of the virtual certificate course in Project Management.
Components of the virtual certificate course in project management.

This certificate course is 90 hours long, and its main objectives are:

Learning how to properly carry out the five sets of project management processes based on PMI best practices and ISO 21500 standards.
Identifying the processes involved in the PMI knowledge areas, as required for proper project management.
Defining the key elements to generate the proper deliverables in order to meet the requirements established.


Asocentro learning community

We developed an online tool to generate Collective Shared Knowledge.

We structured and coordinated a virtual tool for the chambers of commerce to be able to share initiatives, ideas, achievements and experiences, allowing for the interaction and construction of joint knowledge. 

o Learning community

The Learning Community is a virtual tool that allows for the construction of collective shared knowledge, facilitates the exchange of information and the development of regional strategies.  This development seeks to facilitate and promote the interaction between directors and professionals working in Asocentro's network of chambers comprised by 14 chambers of commerce from the country's Center and South Regions, through the following components:

o Opinemos (Our Opinions), fostering the exchange of opinions, experiences and knowledge, focusing on a specific topic that is disclosed in a themed forum.
o Veamos conferencias (Conferences), a space to upload and download videos and online conferences.
o Enseñemos y aprendamos (Teach and learn), where spaces are offered based on themes and topics, to teach, learn, find out and share opinions about specific matters.
o Informemos sobre eventos (Information about events), as a space to post news, events, invitations and activities carried out in the context of chamber activities.
o Publiquemos y leamos (Post and read), as a space to disclose and share common interest posts and publications.

Link to learning community:  

Information about the Asocentro Center - South Region

We build and disseminate knowledge about the country's Center - South Region.

We build and disseminate knowledge about enterprise and economic profiles in the area under the influence of the chambers of commerce which comprise Asocentro, in order to contribute to a better understanding of the reality, potential and opportunities in the country's Center - South Region.

We consolidate information about the territories that comprise the Network of Chambers in the country's center and south region, covered by the members of Asocentro, which allows for the development of a characterization of each sub-region, identifying their enterprise vocations, based on the Merchant's Registrar at each chamber of commerce, along with information, data and statistics gathered from other sources.

Map Showing the Coverage Achieved by the Network of Chambers in the Center and South Region of the Country - Asocentro.
Map Showing the Coverage Achieved by the Network of Chambers in the Center and South Region of the Country, Asocentro.

Map Showing the Coverage of the Chambers in the Country's Center and South Regions, Asocentro.

Mapa Cobertura Red de Cámaras de la Zona Centro y Sur del País Asocentro

o 25% of the country's chambers of commerce are part of the Asocentro network of chambers.
o Asocentro covers 11 of the country's departments, with over 400 municipalities.
o It extends 657 thousand square kilometers, that is equivalent to 58% of the country.

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