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Artículo Andrés Ucrós

What is the Colombian Peace Process Teaching the World?

Article by Andrés Ucrós Maldonado, director of the CCB's Peace-Building Area, as published on the New England Journal of Public Policy's Web Site: New England Journal of Public Policy: vol. 29: Iss. 1, article 9

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This is an instrument used by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce to entrepreneurs and businessmen in the country's capital, with the goal of proposing actions to be carried out by the National Government and the private sector, under a peace-building scenario.  

The Survey is comprised by three modules:  Negotiations and the construction of peace, transitional justice and endorsement of the accords.  Among the survey's most important characteristics is the fact that it is carried out through a randomized, stratified sampling segmented by the company's location, size and economic activity. 

2014 Enterprise peace survey

2015 Enterprise peace survey


The CCB is convinced that, with the potential signature of the peace accords and an eventual post-conflict stage coming be, the private sector is tasked with playing a key role in the re-construction of the social weave, in the strengthening of the institutions and in the promotion of development with social inclusion, based on a deep commitment towards human rights. 

Therefore, it has developed a Guide for the Construction of Peace; this is a publication produced by the CCB and the International Catalan Institute for Peace whose goal is to promote a reflection about the participation that the enterprise sector has in the construction of a violence-free society. 


Research was conducted jointly with Fundación Ideas para la Paz (the Ideas for Peace Foundation) and the Instituto Catalán Internacional para la Paz (the International Catalan Institute for Peace), inquiring about the perspectives and contributions the enterprise sector has and expects to make in the construction of peace. The document provides the results of focus groups held with members of civil society, local authorities and entrepreneurs, as well as the results from the enterprise survey about peace.  


Learn more about our experience providing jobs to people in the process of being re-instated into society. Download the guide.


"The Human Capital Fund for Transition in Colombia (financed by the CCB) suggests a series of preliminary ideas to promote the development of an environment of trust that will allow, at an early stage, to preserve the bilateral and final cease-fire and ending of hostilities, and to move forward in other humanitarian gestures; in the second phase, it will move towards a laying down of the arms and the construction of a stable and lasting peace, after the result from the referendum held on October 2nd, 2016".

Read the full text: Moving towards a national consensus for peace - Human Capital Fund for Transition in Colombia (spanish version)


Document summarizing the changes in the new agreement for the construction of a stable and lasting peace. Text with changes to the new Peace Agreement - IFIT.

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