Flavors of reconciliation

This project promotes a space for dialogue and reconciliation among individuals participating in reintegration processes and victims of the armed conflict, in the context of six discussion sessions developed in a cooking workshop, around matters related to the construction of peace, including active participation by entrepreneurs.


A kitchen, a recipe that represents those regions most affected by violence in Colombia, a victim of the armed conflict and a person who is in the process of being reintegrated, constitute the perfect ingredients to prepare dishes that bring together the "Flavors of Reconciliation".

This project, whose purpose is to promote spaces for dialogue and reconciliation as a contribution to the construction peace in Colombia, will see participation from the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, the Unit for Comprehensive Services and Reparation to Victims, the Colombian Agency for Reintegration, the Colombia con Memoria (Colombia Remembers) Foundation, and Canal Capital.

It will be comprised by six (6) discussion sessions held in 2016, in the context of a cooking workshop, where one victim and one person in the process of being reintegrated into society will cook together a traditional dish from their region, and will talk to entrepreneurs, members of the academia and members of civil society, about issues and aspects associated to peace

See below the six sessions in this project

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