EmPaz, tools for Peace

“EmPaz: Enterprise Measurement for Peace" is a tool entrepreneurs in Colombia can use to measure how much they are contributing to the construction of peace in the country, as well as to define strategies that will allow them to improve their efforts to achieve this goal.

The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, and the Ideas for Peace Foundation (FIP) launched this innovative tool to measure corporate actions in support of peace-building.

EmPaz can be used to diagnose companies in order to measure how much they contribute to peace from their own management activities, that is, from their internal processes, policies and internal practices, as well as from specific peace-building initiatives.

EmPaz has six lines of analysis dubbed "Dimensions of enterprise intervention for peace", which relate to topics such as strategic management for peace, reconciliation and coexistence, human capital, institutionality and participation, inclusive socio-economic development and environmental sustainability, each of them with specific measurable indicators.

The diagnosis process is free of charge, and can easily be started by entrepreneurs contacting the CCB via e-mail construcciondepaz@ccb.org.co or the Ideas for Peace Foundation via e-mail empaz@ideaspaz.org, stating their interest to receive the necessary information to measure their own indicators.

EmPaz identifies the different opportunities companies have to contribute to peace-building activities, while measuring and building a diagnosis of the enterprise actions aimed towards supporting the construction of peace. It is, therefore, a tool that facilitates the process for companies to move from words to actions, and from actions to impact in peace-building initiatives.


The launch was held in the context of a discussion with participation from several entrepreneurs. See pictures of the event.

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