Presidents’ Forum

  • Business leaders working to improve the business environment

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What is the CCB Presidents’ Forum?

It is an initiative of business leaders who work to improve business conditions by strengthening the region’s medium- and large-sized businesses, as well as by spurring initiatives or projects that raise the competitiveness of the region.

It was born in 1989 with the support of the CCB. It has promoted projects and initiatives such as:

• Calidad Total
• Líderes del siglo XXI
• Corposéptima


To achieve the continuous improvement and competitiveness of member businesses through the exchange of experiences, reflection, training and teamwork, promoting their civic spirit.


What are the lines of action of the Presidents’ Forum?


1. Businesses in Trayectoria MEGA


A program directed at businesses that currently invoice more than 10,000 SMMLV (current legal minimum monthly wage), are CCB affiliates, and have renewed their Merchant's Certificate.

The aim of Trayectoria MEGA is for businesses to achieve outstanding results and accelerated, profitable growth. In short, its purpose is to help participating business owners to “think big.”

• We form groups of up to ten businesses with similar characteristics.
• We apply the modules of the methodology (five in total).
• Guided forums with four mentors in each group. It is essential that the mentors be presidents of esteemed organizations and have applied the methodology.
• Strategic discussions. In each forum, the wealth of comments and suggestions made by the other participants drive the businesses to advance in implementation.

2. Principals’ Forum


The Principals’ Forum is an initiative directed at the city’s schools, which aims to promote a culture of achieving outstanding results in the management of each academic institution.

Highly-regarded presidents in the business sector and principals with extensive experience provide tools so that each school can review its goals and design plans for institutional education that will allow them to position themselves as institutions that are recognized for their educational quality and for their standardized test scores.

3. MEGA Program - Transformative Leaders on their path


The program is an invitation for leaders who have taken the MEGA Enterprise Program to work in strengthening their personal competencies, developing awareness and learnings.

The purpose is to accompany leaders in defining their sense of purpose and aligning it to the results of their organizations as well as to the impact they can have on society. MEGA leaders will achieve outstanding results in each of their personal development and growth areas, will revolutionize the organizations they are responsible for, and will generate value for all stakeholders and interest groups.

Learn more about  MEGA Program Leaders on their path  (spanish version)

If you are interested in being part of Businesses in Trayectoria MEGA or learning more about this program, call 3830300 or 594100 ext. 2770 (Bogotá).

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