Salitre office and business centre

Santiago Fonseca Salazar
Assistant manager:
Mauro Alexander Isaza
Avenida El Dorado nro. 68D-35

Monday to friday from 8:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m.

Bogotá (Bogotá D.C.), Colombia
3830300 or 5941000 ext. 1679/2223


Legal support services for the creation and establishment of companies

Commercial registry

Merchant's certificate (Natural person and commercial establishments)

Nonprofit organizations registry (ESAL)

Establishments (commercial companies, civil companies, Esal)

Offeror registry

Merchant's certificate renewal

Unified National Registry of Payment Order Operators (RUNEOL)

Changes (Change of name; change of address, telephone number or email; change of economic activity)

National Tourism Registry

Cancellation of the registration (Natural person and commercial establishment)

Registry of private, foreign, non-profit entities

Issuance of certificates (registration, existence and legal representation, ledgers, negative, special)

Registraty of solidarity economy

Document registrations (statutory reforms, appointments, liens, legal dispositions)

Registry of gambling activities operators

Registration of ledgers

Oversight associations registry

Registration, renewal and update of proponents

Rental of auditoriums and conference rooms for corporate events
Library, specialized enterprise queries and corporate information
  • Research room for bibliographic information
  • Professional orientation in the search for information
  • Lending of reading and bibliographic materials
  • Internet access for research and querying
  • Access to the digital library 
  • Specialized corporate information services
  • Photocopying service
  • Data base querying
  • Querying of bibliographic catalog
  • Inter-library lending with institutions covered by the agreement
  • Querying of images of Public Records
  • Training sessions on strategies to search for specialized information
  • Guided visits for companies and academic institutions
Support services for the creation of companies and for corporate strengthening

Support services for the creation of companies 

Learning activities (capsules and workshops)

Specialized advisory sessions (individual and groups)

Sessions on opportunities for company creation

Service offering to support the creation of companies

Support services for enterprise strengthening

Learning activities (capsules and workshops)

Specialized advisory sessions (individual and groups)

Sessions on opportunities for corporate growth

Service offering to support enterprise development

Support services for the business network strengthening and cluster initiatives
Other services

Legal assistance for the conduction of registration proceedings. Enter here

CAE assistance for the establishment of commercial and non-for-profit companies

Virtual room - capacity 14 sets of equipment

ARTBO - Artecámara room 

Free wi-fi service

Parking for customers with capacity up to 104 vehicles  

General information
  • Bogotá Exporta (events, trade shows, missions and business rounds)
  • Bogotá Innova
  • Bogotá Crea
  • Agro-industrial support - MEGA
  • National businesses
  • Business intelligence
  • Arbitration and conciliation
  • International cooperation
  • Enterprise training (GFE)