The Mobile Chamber program brings the Chamber of Commerce's presence to the 59 municipalities that comprise its jurisdiction, which have been grouped into eight (8) provinces in addition to the Capital City, which is divided into 20 districts.

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The Mobile Chamber program provides a customer service window which enables merchants and entrepreneurs in Bogotá and the Region to comply with their legal obligations with regards to public records.

Among other proceedings, the customer service window allows them to do the following:


Legal support services for the creation and establishment of companies

Commercial registry


Nonprofit organizations registry (ESAL)


General information about other public records

Issuance of certificates (registration, existence and legal representation, ledgers, negative, special)

Merchant's certificate (Natural person and commercial establishments)

Merchant's certificate renewal

Certificate correction

Reliquidación de matrículas

Orientation on how to fill out forms

Oferor registry

Merchant's certificate renewal

Support services for enterprise strengthening in the region

Furthermore, and in order to contribute to corporate strengthening, the program offers open and closed training cycles in areas such as tourism, enterprise development, associative work, all in alignment with the needs of merchants, businessmen, entrepreneurs, the community as a whole, and all in accordance with the municipalities' needs.

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