CCB Information points in Ubaté

Carrera 6 nro. 7-75 Ubaté 

Contact and schedule of attention to the public: monday to friday from 9:00 a. m. to 4:00 p. m. 

(601) 3830330 - 5941000 - #383 mobile


Legal support services for the creation and establishment of companies

Commercial registry


Nonprofit organizations registry (ESAL)


General information about other public records

Issuance of certificates (registration, existence and legal representation, ledgers, negative, special)

Merchant's certificate (Natural person and commercial establishments)

Merchant's certificate renewal

Certificate correction

Reliquidación de matrículas

Orientation on how to fill out forms

Oferor registry

Merchant's certificate renewal

Other services

Orientation on how to fill out forms

Assistance for the creation and legalize companies

Call us free of charge from your cell phone at # 383 


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