Business Education Campus

Calle 94A nro. 13-54

We only provide business training services. 
Monday to friday from 8:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. 

Bogotá (Cundinamarca), Colombia
5941000 exts: 2669 – 1618 – 1614 – 4426

  • Campus manager: Camilo Bejarano Rodríguez
  • Training manager: Sandra Morales
  • Customer service advisor: Erika Rocío Cuervo


Education and training
  • In-person and online diploma courses
  • In-person and online seminars 
  • Forums and other events

We have a comprehensive portfolio or range of business topics. 

Sale of commercial information
  1. Database
  2. Online information available
Tutor program - Personalized training

We have a comprehensive portfolio or range of business topics.

  • 24 classrooms with a capacity for up to 80 people and multi-functional chairs. 
  • Modern infraastructure and latest technology in video projectors, acoustics, sound and lighting. 
  • Ongoing coffee and snacks provided for our services and/or upon prior request. 
  • Car parks with prior availability for our services. 
  • Terraces and rooftop for coffee breaks, snack and lunch services. 
  • Free wi-fi service.

If you would like to train, write to us at:

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