Our areas

Public Registries

We manage different classes of registries amongst which are the Commerical registry, the Registry of non-profit organizations, the Unified Offeror Registry, amongst others.

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We provide support, legal solutions and consultancy for decision-making. Equally, we represent the CCB to defend its interests and oversee the processes for the contracting of goods and services in an opportune and efficient manner.

Competitiveness and Shared value

We lead Cluster Initiatives and promote Shared Value as a means to improve competitiveness and prosperity in Bogota and its neighboring region.   

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Governance and Business knowledge 

To promote the good governance principles, we manage strategic solutions that contribute to the construction of a sustainable city-region and a better business environment, mobilizing and coordinating public and private actors

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Center of Arbitration and Conciliation

The CCB’s Center of Arbitration and Conciliation contributes to the peaceful and effective resolution of conflicts, offering a wide variety of solutions fit to meet the needs of business owners and the general community.

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International Relations

We channel, lead and articulate all international initiatives that add value to the enterprise sector, to the region and to the CCB.

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