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Commissions will be integrated by the experts the commission and / or the chair of the ICC think can help to get the achievements and objectives of the commission they belong to and those of ICC Colombia. Taking part in the ICC Colombia commissions will be voluntary. Therefore, its members will have an honorary title

Belong to ICC Colombia National Committee through the various commissions allows the business people to:

  • Have access and be in touch with actors, organizations and high level companies and have influence at the national and international level to the ICC network with its committees.
  • Gain access to information about the evolution of the policies, the legislation and regulations at an early stage as well as the possibility to take part in formulating them through the relevant instances.
  • Have acess to state - of- the - art knowledge that will contribute to create value in the companies.
  • Gain knowledge, generation and exchange of tools that have an impact in the corporate operation.
  • Identifying and promoting exchanging best practices.
  • Participate in discussions, give recommendations or issue concepts in areas such as preferential origin regulations, the ATA card; updates or modifications to the international trade rules Incoterms.
  • Special prices in publications, courses and conferences.

If you wish to be a part of the ICC Colombia National Committee you need to fill the corresponding form out:

ICC Colombia Natural Person registration Form (spanish version)
ICC Colombia Legal Person registration Form 2017 (spanish version)

Contact us:

Secretary General ICC Colombia
Mónica Conde
Vicepresidente de Relaciones Internacionales de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá
Calle 67 nro. 8-32 Sede Chapinero, piso 3
Phone number: (571) 5941000 ext. 4900

Directora Comisiones ICC Colombia
María del Pilar Alfaro
Calle 67 nro. 8-32 Sede Chapinero, piso 3
Phone number: 5941000 ext. 2738

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