What is it about?

The Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá represents International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in our country and it is chair of the ICC National Committee Colombia. 

ICC Colombia will be responsible for facilitating the completion of business activity as well as growth of competitivenes in Colombia within a globalized environment. It will be the bridge between our business people and the ICC, that is, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá will be the voice of the Colombian Business People in the world.

Colombia's active participation in this private agency, which gathers and represents over 6,5 million companies, chambers of commerce and business associations in over 130 countries, will be very positive for our business people since it will allow them to have access to a wide range of companies and organizations network with a technical capacity that is enough to have an incidence on formulating policies and regulations regarding international trade and investment at an early stage.

Comité Nacional ICC Colombia (Colombia's ICC National Committee) has the Executive Committee as its supreme decision making body, which is chaired by Nicolás Uribe Rueda, executive president of the CCB.

ICC Colombia has been organized in 9 specialized commissions whose job it is to study, analyze, discuss or propose changes or suggestions to the regulations that have an impact on global business practices; generate concepts and positions before the proposals made by the international agencies on this topic and propose and implement studies and projects to favor commercial exchange. This way, ICC is also acting as an advisory agency for organizations such as OECD, the agencies of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and G20 among others. 

This scenario represents a great opportunity for our business people to take part in the international business dynamics, propose concrete actions that will minimize the obstacles they may encounter upon carrying out their business activity, promote implementing the WTO's Trade Facilitation Agreement and enter into significant trade agreements in favor of the entrepreneurs and prosperity for our people.

There are nine commissions: arbitration, intellectual property, corporate responsibility and anti - corruption, the environment and energy, digital economy, trade policy and investment, customs and facilitating trade, and marketing and advertising.

Theme commissions

These are Commissions that specialized in ICC Colombia participation forums that get together to study, analyze, comment, deliberate, rule and submit to the consideration of who it may correspond, all matters entrusted to each one of the commissions subject to the ICC Colombia institutional guidelines.

ICC has the committees, which are the specialized work groups, made up of experts that come from the companies in charge of analyzing relevant and practical matters of interest for the corporate world. They make policies, such as the statements to influence in inter - government debates and write the rules and codes to facilitate international commercial transactions.

The ICC Colombia National Committee has created nine (9) commissions, which will be the technical forum to study, analyze, discuss and propose their points of view in light of crucial aspects within the international field, which will be analyzed within the framework of the CCI and other international agencies.

Each one of the Commissions will be responsible for proposing and validating their work plan according to the ICC Colombia institutional guidelines.

Arbitration Commission

It is a forum to share ideas regarding international arbitration and other forums to solve any disputes.

Intellectual property

It promotes efficient intellectual property (IP) systems that support international trade, favor investing in creation and innovation and facilitate sustainable economic growth.

Commercial law and practices

Lays down the universal corporate standards for international transactions and offers the world corporate collective point of view about business regulations as developed by intergovernmental organizations.

Corporate responsibility and anti-corruption

Develops recommendations from a global corporate perspective regarding policies as well as practical tools in the area of corporate responsibility and fight against corruption.

The environment and energy

Prepares recommendations regarding policies and tools oriented to global environmental and energy related issues such as climate change, green economy or sustainable growth, and contributes consumables for intergovernmental negotiations.

Digital economy

It promotes global growth for digital economies and stable growth of its underlying information technology and communication platform (ITC), through leadership in the policies of the private sector, it also defends regulation and promotion of the best practices. 

Trade and investment policy

It promotes the companies' cross - border trade and investment as well as a global and open economy that will drive job creation, sustainable growth and an improvement in the level of life.

Customs and trade facilitation

It promotes simplified policies and procedures within the realms of customs and transportation, as well as other measures that facilitate international trade.

Marketing and adversiting

It promotes high ethical standards in marketing through corporate self - regulation by means of international ICC marketing codes, and formulates the global international positions and initiatives to address any government measures that may have an impact on marketing and consumer protection.

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