Cooperation and International Affairs Office (ORI)

We are we?

ORI is the area in the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá responsible for channeling, leading and articulating all international initiatives that will add value to the corporate sector, the region and the CCB.

ORI promotes institutional relations with peers and international agencies in Colombia and abroad. It fosters participation of the agency in international cooperation projects and programs and is also responsible for managing experience exchange and best practices to and from the CCB.

What is internationalization to us?

Links and coordinated actions with entities from other countries to achieve greater coverage, impact, visibility and development of associates and of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá (CCB).

We work on the following lines of action:

  • International integration
  • Technical and financial cooperation
  • International regulation and policy management
International integration
  • We promote and disseminate the information on international events that are relevant to the business people in Bogotá and the Region.
  • We support having bi-national meetings.
    • We look for tighten institutional relations and disseminate commercial opportunities offered by the various countries.
    • We have given our support to having bi-national meetings with Austria, Francia, Italia, España, Finlandia, Panamá, Paraguay, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, and others.
  • We support receiving international delegations and institutional meetings.
    • We strengthen institutional relations with Dubai, Azerbaijan or South Africa and offer a corporate vision of Bogotá and the Region.
  • We promote institutional relations.
    • By means of specific memorandums of understanding and work schedules we strengthen our service portfolio for our business people, promote trade and coordinate exchanging best practies.
  • We are part of institutional and chamber agencies and guilds.
    • In order to offer more and better services between affiliations, we have: Asociación Iberoamericana de Cámaras de Comercio (The Iberoamerican Association of Chambers of Commerce) (AICO), EBAN, World Chamber Federation, CIAC, ICC, ASORLAC, among others


AICO is an international non - profit non - government collective and voluntary private organization that associates, gathers and represents the main chambers of commerce, associations, corporations and related agencies, that speak Spanish or Portuguese, from 23 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Iberian Peninsula and Hispanic Communities in the United States. 

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World Chamber Federation (WCF)

WCF is a forum that has a global network with 12,000 chambers and individual chambers that are building ties in order to be more productive.  

It is a platform for the world chambers of commerce leaders to get in touch and help each other on topics of mutual interest.

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The Association's main objective is to promote and facilitate exchanging information on the registration systems at each one of the member countries, their roles and responsibilities, their management models, the technologies they use to respond to all registration changes and trends within the international context, in order to become a forum on registry procedures best practices, the liason among the Latin American and the Caribbean Countries and the CRF.

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A network of ambassadors

The network of ambassadors has as its goal that to generate a communication channel with the diplomatic corps accredited in Colombia to support their management in the country, through our service portfolio, by generating a contact network that will give added value to the agency's management and thanks to which CCB becomes the leader in corporate support.

Management of cooperation at the local, national and international level

Management of cooperation at the local, national and international level

  • We manage cooperation resources for the CCB.
  • We identify and assist associates in accessing cooperation resources.
  • We coordinate strategic partnerships.


SIPPO Colombia - Cooperation with the Swiss Import Promotion Programme

Together with Swiss contact through SIPPO, a joint evaluation process was started to identify potential areas for strengthening export promotion services. This involved joint talks on capacity and potential, mainly about the organizational structure, export promotion services and quality and performance management, as well as sectoral and export strategies to support the companies ready to export.

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International regulation and policy management

International regulation and policy management

  • We influence the construction of international regulation and policy from the private sector perspective.
  • We coordinate the CCB's role in the 2030 Agenda (SDG).
  • We play the role of General Secretariat of the ICC in Colombia.

ICC Committees

We act as the General Secretary of the ICC in Colombia from the CCB.

ICC is a world business organization that was founded in 1919. It gathers and represents over 6,5 million companies, chambers of commerce and business associations in over 130 countries. Its objective is that to promote trade, international investment, the policies, regulations and measures aimed at facilitating the companies' international operation. "The ICC is the voice of world business".

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