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Asorlac is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the regional integration of Latin America and the Caribbean. Through the integration of the principal institutions Asorlac effectively strengthens competitiveness in the business sector.


To become a leading institution in Latin America and the Caribbean in promoting the best practices in managing public registries.


Within the framework of the International Conference to Open Businesses, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, in association with the main registry agencies in the region, launched the Registry Association for Latin America and the Caribbean (Asorlac), whose objective it is to gather together all registrars in Latin America and the Caribbean in order to strengthen how to manage public registries in the region, especially in the business creation process.

The Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, the Chamber of Commerce of Tegucigalpa (Honduras) and the Chamber of Commerce of Suriname (Suriname) were the one who built the Registry Association for Latin America and the Caribbean (Asorlac). Also, eight registry agencies from Aruba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica, Paraguay and Peru signed letters of intent to become members of the Association.

The objective of the Conference was to offer a forum for discussion and knowledge in order to promote the exchange of information on registry issues for the various countries. This initiative is intended to promote the best practices in the Region, always bearing in mind the success experiences, through collaboration and cooperation among its members


Asorlac's main objectives are:

  • To promote and facilitate information exchange on registration systems each one of the members have, their roles and responsibilities, their management models and the technologies used to respond to the changes and registration trends within the international context.
  • To foster collaboration, cooperation and discussion amongst its members, in particular on topics related to the administration of business registrars.
  • To identify and overcome issues or problems that could prevent the efficient and effective management of registries.
  • Promote alliances or cooperation agreements with other international organizations in the management of business registrars.

Memoirs on launching "Registry Association for Latin America and the Caribbean" - Asorlac

1.  Guatemala. Registro Mercantil. Licenciado Arturo Herrador, registrador general de la República - 2010 .

2. Mauritius. Corporate Registers Forum. Mrs. Prabha P. Chinien, president of the CRF and Registrar of Companies - 2010

3.  Perú. Constitución de empresas en 72 horas caso peruano. Álvaro Delgado Scheelje, superintendente adjunto de los Registros Públicos Sunarp - 2010

4.  World Bank Group. How many stops in a one-stop shop? Dobromir Christow, business entry product team - 2010

5.  Portugal. Commercial Registry Reform in Portugal. António Figueiredo, president of the Portuguese Institute of Registries and Notary - 2010

6.  Singapore. Reforming Business Registration - The Singapore Experience. Ms. Juthika Ramanathan, chief executive Accounting and Corporate Regulatority Authority (ACRA)  - 2010

7.  República Dominicana. Experiencia de la República Dominicana. Conferencia Internacional "Reformas para la apertura de empresa: compartiendo buenas prácticas". ONAPI. Laura del Castillo - 2010

8.  Brazil. Business Registration Reforms in Federal States and the role of subnational entities. Edson Lupatini, secretary of Commerce and Services, Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade - 2010

9.  Colombia. Conferencia Internacional "Reformas para la creación de empresas". María Fernanda Campo, presidenta ejecutiva Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - 2010

10.  Colombia. Mercantile Registry as an instrument for competitiveness in the Region. Juan Camilo Ramírez, legal vicepresident Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá - 2010

11.  Jamaica. Business Registration Reforms in Jamaica - 2010

12.  Canadá. CorpCan A new beginning. Director general at Corporations Canada - 2010

13.  México. El proceso de simplificación para la apertura de empresas en México. Julio César Rocha López, coordinador general de Mejora Regulatoria Sectorial Comisión Federal de Mejora Regulatoria - 2010

14.  Brasil. Empresa ña hora. Instituto dos registos e do notariado - 2010

15.  Doing Business 2010. Reforming through difficult times. Sylvia Solf, program manager Doing Business - 2010

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