What is Asorlac


The Association of Registers of Latin America and the Caribbean (Asorlac) is a non-profit organization registered in 2010 within the framework of the CCB International Conference and in cooperation with the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

The Association's main objective is to promote and facilitate exchanging information on the registration systems at each one of the member countries, their roles and responsibilities, their management models, the technologies they use to respond to all registration changes and trends within the international context, in order to become a forum on registry procedures best practices, the liason among the Latin American and the Caribbean Countries and the CRF.

In order to be able to achieve the goals that have been laid out, Asorlac needs to pursue promotion of collaboration, cooperation and discussion among its members, especially, on topics related to managing public registries so as to identify and overcome any obstacles that might prevent to efficiently and efficaciously manage the registries, and specifically, those that may hinder exchanging information.

The objective of entering into partnerships or cooperation agreements with other international organizations for public registry management and joining efforts to level up the efficacy of registries in Latin America and the Caribbean is to position the region at the best level of all objective measures of the norms that regulate the financial activity in the countries where we are doing business.

Considering the fact that the CCB currently is the designated chair, as the legal representative of the Association, it is the one responsible for issuing the operation policies. CCB is the leader in the search for strategies to drive and re–activate the association as well as strategic re–direction and its technical secretariat, in order to achieve a new drive and re–establish the Association’s actions.

We will tend for:

  • Registration of all new members.
  • Visit the registry authorities in other countries and invite them over to strengthen the bonds among the various registry authorities in Latin America and the Caribbean in order to create a chapter of the CRF for the region.
  • During its yearly member meeting, the Association will not only unify policies and procedures, but it will also offer advice on how to implement the best practices in the countries of the region. Latin American and the Caribbean registry authorities will be able to integrate a smart communication system that will allow us to grow and be stronger both individually and collectivley in Asorlac. 
  • It will also allow us to exchange professional knowledge and experience in order to simplify the procedures that will give added value to Latin America and the Caribbean regarding registry - related topics that will help position Asorlac as a reliable intermediary to improve the financial climate, by increasing competitiveness of the Latin American industry, assisting growth in technical and practical procedures through cooperation and education, as well as strengthening a systematic and continous assessment of the registry of products and services by giving efficiency and quality level to the increase of productivity of the region


Please consult the document here:  Asorlac Statutes

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