Personal information protection

The CCB collects the personal data of many people in developing their private and public tasks (the latter associated with the delegation of Public Registries), and it respects the principles stipulated by law: legality, finality, freedom, veracity or quality, transparency, access and restricted circulation, security and confidentiality.

Remember that information reported in Public Registries managed by the CCB is of public knowledge and use, so that any person or company may examine it, take notes, obtain copies and handle data that are of a public nature. Similarly, the CCB is unable to stop making notifications of the purposes of public registries (Article 26 of the Code of Commerce and Article Decree 1074/2015).

Accordingly, if any data is included in Public Registries that you believe are not of public knowledge and in any way affects your privacy or must be updated, you must request that said information be amended according to the procedures set forth for that purpose at any of our locations, or through the virtual channel.

Finally, please note that we have mechanisms in place that guarantee the protection, storage and good use of your personal data. For that reason, and pursuant to Law 1581 of 2012, you can authorize the your data to be processed, exercise your right to review it, update it, rectify it or revoke authorization of use by writing via email: or filling out the personal data use authorization or claim and bringing it to one of our offices or submitting it via our web page in the Contact Us section. When filing a claim, attach a copy of your identity document as proof of your identification.

If filed through a third party, you must attach a copy of the identification documents of the holder and authorized person, letter of authorization or notarized document that accredits the proxy. (Article of Decree 1074/2015).


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