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We are a private, non-for-profit organization whose goal is to foster a sustainable Bogotá-Region in the long term, by promoting its residents' prosperity, through services which enhance and strengthen the enterprise capabilities present in the region, and which improve the business environment with an impact over public policies. 

Higher purpose

The purpose of the CCB: “We serve collectively with the purpose of having more and better entrepreneurs and companies, thereby reaching a more prosperous and equitable society in Bogotá and the Region”.

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Our Megas

  • Companies directly supported by the CCB will significantly increase their value generation.
  • We offer a portfolio of relevant services for entrepreneurs to learn about, that will generate value for their organization and their environment.
  • Entrepreneurs will be able to access all of the services provided by the CCB and its affiliates in a simple manner, from anywhere they need to.
  • We aim to be a relevant stakeholder in civil-society dialogues, with proposals that will have a focalized influence in the formulation of public policies, over the life of the city and in public management.
  • We will be the best place to work in, with happy and productive collaborators.

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The CCB's fronts

Public registries :

  • Merchant Listing.
  • Single Proponent Listing.
  • Non-For-Profit Company Listing.
  • National Tourism Registry.
  • Foreign NGO Listing.
  • Solidary Economy Listing.
  • Activity, Games and Gambling Listing.
  • Citizen Oversight Listing

Dispute resolution : we offer opportune solutions within businesses or to third parties through arbitration. During conciliation, we offer services to enable the resolution of civil, familiar and commercial disputes.

Entrepreneurial services : we promote formalisation, entrepreneurship, internationalisation, innovation, and support within the agro-industrial sector, and business information and training.

Competitiveness and shared value : we boost businesses competitiveness by activating the cluster. We strengthen different sectors with the participation of entrepreneurs and we implement programmes, which promote the generation of shared value from businesses.

Governance and business knowledge: we work on balancing the public-private sectors from information rated to lead proposals, which improve the environment. As such, we play a linking role in collaborative citizen networks to contribute to the “Greater collective commitment.”

Resources according to your needs

Entrepreneur: get all the information, assistance and tools you need in order to create, grow, legalize and consolidate your company.  Know and access our databases, publications and enterprise training activities. 

Affiliate: be part of the group that is leading in enterprise development in Bogotá and the surrounding region, and gain great benefits.

Investor:  learn why Bogotá is one of the most sound investment destinations in Latin America. 

Citizen: stay informed about the city's and the region's economic, social and competitive environment.  Be a part of the programs which promote improvements to the quality of life in Bogotá and Cundinamarca. 

Vendor - Contractor: offer your products and services, take part in our bids and tenders. 

Media: stay up-to-date about the events that shape reality in the enterprise sector and in your environment. 

  • We are upright: It means all our actions and thoughts are framed within the framework of respect, honesty and legality, while working with transparency and excellence.
  • We are commitedto giving service: All behaviors and actions are always and permanently seeking satisfaction for our groups of interest.
  • We create future: That is, we contribute to generating value for all citizens and entrepreneurs, through an innovative service portfolio, which has been designed to bring prosperity to Bogotá and the Region.
Value proposition

We contribute to the generation of higher economic for companies, stemming from a strengthening of companies as well as of the business environment.  Similarly, we strive to improve competitiveness and the generation of shared value, as key elements to contribute to the quality of life in Bogotá and the region. 

Quality policy

To strengthen companies and make them sustainable with a unified and easily accessible portfolio of services that includes consultations, support, and developing business skills and expertise to help clients create value for their companies and the environment.

To achieve this, we strive for continuous improvement through a management model based on innovation, quality and efficient processes that is leveraged by committed, happy and productive employees.



Bogotá, D.C., Arbeláez, Cabrera, Cajicá, Cáqueza, Carmen de Garupa, Chía, Chipaque, Choachí, Chocontá, Cogua, Cota, Cucunubá, Fómeque, Fosca, Fúquene, Fusagasugá, Gachalá, Gachancipá, Gachetá, Gama, Granada, Guachetá, Guasca, Guatavita, Guayabetal, Gutiérrez, Junín, La Calera, Lenguazaque, Machetá, Manta, Medina, Nemocón, Pandi, Pasca, Quetame, San Bernardo, Sesquilé, Sibaté, Silvania, Simijaca, Soacha, Sopó, Suesca, Susa, Sutatausa, Tabio, Tausa, Tenjo, Tibacuy, Tiribita, Tocancipá, Ubalá, Ubaque, Ubaté, Une, Venecia, Villapinzón and Zipaquirá.

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