Recommendations to design an internationalization plan for companies in the garments industry

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Colombian garments and textiles are broadly recognized internationally.

According to RADDAR-INEXMODA, the Fashion Observatory, Colombia has been for several years now a focal point in the garments industry, with hundreds of companies that make contribute significant progress to the industry in terms of innovation in production and design processes.

Therefore, the foreign trade of textiles and garments shows that Colombian companies have significant growth potential in terms of the processing of raw materials, designs and manufacture.

In order to be competitive and strengthen a textile and garments company it is important to plan, conduct market research, find out more about trends, in addition to being able to innovate in each process. Remember: Your brand and your designs must be directed towards the lifestyle of your potential customer and/or target audience.

If your interest is to take your company to international markets, think about following these recommendations:

1. Innovate in manufacturing and design.

  • Strengthen your company's creative group so it will generate interesting designs, turning this into an attractive component for international markets.
  • Develop new materials based on market studies about trends, as identified by the different institutions supporting the fashion industry.
  • Define a design-centric identity.

2. Renew your physical and technological infrastructure.

  • Gain access to the logistical and technological means required to ensure your company's access to international markets, and undertake technological renewal processes that will help strengthen your company's competitive strong points.
  • Automate processes to shorten times and drive efficiencies, without lowering the quality of your garments.
  • Constantly review the work methods and machinery your company uses.
  • Make sure your web site helps you promote your brand and your products.

3. Improve your internal logistics.

  • Seek continued improvement in alignment with international standards, measuring your productivity and focusing on production efficiencies.
  • Make industrial improvements. They can range from the distribution of your production facilities down to developing procurement policies adjusted to your company's requirements.

4. Design and apply an exports logistics policy.

  • Innovate in negotiation conditions, in transport systems, and in the review of your export costs.
  • Identify the invisible costs you incur into as part of the export process and, once you have identified them, control and manage them.
  • Meet international standards, ranging from confection to transportation.
  • Always give your prices in US Dollars, based on volume orders.
  • Study the international trade agreements in effect.

5. Train and foster human talent.

  • Foster the professionalization of the personnel involved in the production and sales chains, in order to prevent errors.
  • Provide specialization or technical development courses to your staff by areas.

6. Assess your costs.

  • Constantly review your cost structures.
  • Identify all costs associated to the manufacturing of your products, down to the delivery to the end-customer.
  • Keep in mind the market segments currently being targeted by international sales.

7. Increase your ability to respond.

  • Develop a high administrative and productive capacity; they are key elements when taking a company to international markets.
  • Capture all information regarding the needs of your national and international customers, in order to produce what they need.
  • Have sufficient capacity to respond to the market's needs, through joint processes with other companies in the sector, in order to meet requirements both in terms of quantity as well as delivery times.
  • Design technical and data sheets for the products you will be exporting.

At the CCB we have a specialized, tailor made services portfolio that is accessible free of charge, to benefit the strengthening and internationalization of companies in the garments industry.

To start, we invite you to make a personalized and confidential assessment of your company. You will be able to identify your strengths and opportunities, as well as access a tailor made services pathway free of charge.

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