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The Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá has been driving the improvement of competitiveness in the industry through initiatives to foster company creation and strengthening.

To this end, we have developed and implemented a comprehensive portfolio of corporate services aimed towards enterprise support, independently from which stage companies are in, which cover a variety of important topics such as corporate strategy, marketing, production and quality, finance, human talent management, innovation, internationalization, legal and proceedings.

Furthermore, and considering the importance this sector has for the city's economy, we offer a specialized services portfolio to address the sector's specific needs, which include some aspects such as:

  • Learn to plan your collections.
  • Eco-design for the garments industry.
  • Patronage management for the garments industry.
  • Product engineering for the garments industry
  • Showcase creation.
  • Implementation of garment trends.
  • Costs and prices setting
  • Design your sales plan.

* Learn more about the available schedules for these services (spanish version).


Over the last three years, we have helped more than 6,400 businesspeople and entrepreneurs of the sector to identify their strengths and needs and supported them to realize their business dreams.

Over 6.400 entrepreneurs supported

During this past year over 2.300 people have benefited from over 170 workshops and 755 advisory sessions, with a noteworthy interest services related to design and patronage management, trends, collection planning, costs and price-setting, and marketing and sales plan design.

As a result of the support we provide, we have helped 1.103 companies and entrepreneurs achieve their productivity, sales and/or profitability goals; increases vary between 30% and 200%. This all through the definition of innovative and sustainable business models, with novel products and, above all, understanding the needs of a market that increasingly demands better products and qualities.

We invite you to make a free, personalized and confidential assessment of your company. You will then be eligible to access a services pathway based on your needs, that will help you strengthen your company.

Learn more about some of the success stories from some entrepreneurs who have been receiving our support:

Ciclo de mesas redondas de confección - Moda 360

El ciclo de mesas redondas – Moda 360, busca dar a conocer a los empresarios del sector estrategias de innovación y creatividad; conocer sobre las transformaciones que exigen los negocios para ser viables, se consoliden y sean sostenibles. 


See our trend reports:

Por otro lado, contamos con:

Así como el Bogotá Fashion Week, plataforma comercial orientada al impulso y apoyo del crecimiento de empresas del sector. 

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