Creative, Cultural and Graphics Communications Industries

  • Creative, Cultural and Graphics Communications Industries

For the past 13 years, the CCB has been betting on cultural and creative industries, as they are one of the drivers of economic development in the City-Region.  The CCB supports entrepreneurs and business owners in this sectors from three different angles: advisories in business strengthening, improvement of the competitive environment through cluster initiatives, and networking and business platforms such as the Bogotá Audiovisual Market (BAM), Bogotá Music Market (BOmm) and The International Art Fair of Bogotá (ARTBO).

We have an extensive services offering aimed at providing corporate support independently from which stage the companies are presently in, on different subject matters such as: marketing, legal updates and specialized services for those needs which are specific to each particular market. 

The services currently being offered include, among others: 

  • Key aspects to being a manager.
  • How to conduct a market study.
  • Learn to use digital platforms in music.
  • Design your marketing plan.
  • Key aspects to being a programmer.
  • Design your sales plan.
  • Regulations for live shows.
  • Calculating and setting a company's prices.
  • Turn your idea into a market opportunity.
  • Define your economic and financial plan.
  • Design your business model.
  • Define an experiential strategy (experiential marketing).
  • Define the corporate strategy.
  • Design a trans-media narrative.
  • Define your marketing plan.
  • Define your economic and financial plan.
  • Define your sales plan.
  • Measure the impact of endorsements.
  • Design a digital strategy.
  • Structure and present your company's pitch.
  • How to use the Integrated Permit for Audiovisual Video Recordings.


Learn more about the available schedules for these services (spanish version).


Over the past three years we have supported over 11.000 entrepreneurs and business owners in the industry, helping them identify their strengths, needs and providing them with assistance in achieving their entrepreneurial dreams.

Over 11.100 companies


We invite you to make a free, personalized and confidential assessment of your company.  You will then be eligible to access a services pathway based on your needs, that will help you strengthen your company.

Learn more about some of the success stories from some entrepreneurs who have been receiving our support:

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