Agricultural and agro-industrial

  • Agricultural and agro-industrial


In its work to support and foster growth in the agricultural and agro-industrial sector, the CCB has had significant impact on the entrepreneurs and business owners in the sector; we promote formalization, entrepreneurship, internationalization, innovation and enterprise training.

Through our enterprise and technical services entrepreneurs and business owners are able to access specialized services aimed towards improving processes, growing productivity, ensuring the quality of products and furthering profitability and sustainability.

  • Technical agricultural assistance focusing on Good Agricultural Practices and Good Cattle Farming Practices.
  • Fostering of GAPs.
  • Irrigation and crop nourishment.
  • Post-harvest management.
  • How to process the sanitary registry with Invima.
  • HACCP criteria in the foodstuffs industry.
  • Considerations for animal well-being in dairy farms.
  • Development program for vendors and suppliers in the dairy sector.

* Learn more about the available schedules for these services (spanish version).

As a result of the work carried out by the sector in the last three years, the CCB has supported over 7.000 entrepreneurs and business owners, and has managed to assist in the achievement of entrepreneurial dreams such as increasing sales and improving productivity.

The CCB works hand in hand with associations, regional associations as well as those related to the technology and agro-industrial sector which allow for the merging of efforts to achieve a greater impact in each of the activities carried out.

Over 7.000 entrepreneurs supported


The CCB also provides technical agricultural assistance services to producer associations, focusing on GAPs, aimed at reducing production costs and increasing productivity; this service covers 285 producers in the municipalities of Cota, Guasca, Villapinzón, Zipaquirá, Sopó, Tenjo, Suesca, Chocontá, Ubaté, Lenguazaque, Sibaté, Fusagasugá, Cabrera, Silvania y Pasca. 

We support the strengthening process to allow companies in the sector, who have identified opportunities in markets such as Perú, USA, México and some countries in Central America to sell abroad.

We invite you to make a free, personalized and confidential assessment of your company. You will then be able to access a services pathway that matches your needs and will get you the assistance you need to consolidate your company.

We also have the Dairy Cluster (spanish version) to provide additional support to companies in this segment.

Learn more about some of the success stories from some entrepreneurs who have been receiving our support.


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