Sectorial initiative by the CCB

To offer our entrepreneurs a comprehensive services portfolio that is pertinent and suited to their needs, with differential strategies that contribute to the generation of better conditions for their competitive development. That is the goal we have set for ourselves.  In order to achieve this, we focus our services strategy on the economic sectors that encompass Bogotá's and the Region's main productive activities.  

Independently from what sector of the economy your company belongs to. We, at the CCB, will support you from your initial idea to the consolidation and management of your own business:

1. Identify your project's or company's strengths and weaknesses, through our Enterprise Self-Diagnosis

2. Learn about, attend and fulfill your comprehensive services pathway, which allows you to satisfy your needs, and provides you with monitoring and accompaniment by consultants in enterprise creation, formalization and strengthening.

3. Enjoy and use the Enterprise Services Model to start reaping the benefits of our portfolio, which has been tailored to your needs.

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