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The companies will be assisted by the CCB's Business Consultants, who will operate the program in the region. Extension agents (productivity experts) will coordinate the work inside companies. 

The program functions in five steps:

1. Application: Companies that apply enter an evaluation phase to verify that they meet the program's minimum requirements.

2. Diagnostic: If the company meets the minimum requirements, a Business Consultant from the CCB, who is an expert in productivity, will visit the site and perform an in-depth diagnosis to design a work plan.

3. Definition of the services to be used: The company defines the program service lines needed to work, which will be managed by an extension agent, together with the Business Consultant and Colombia Productiva.

4. Intervention: The extension agent will begin the consulting process according to the company's needs. The intervention may take up to 80 hours of specialized technical assistance.

5. Evaluation: Once the company is done with the up to 80 hours of consultations, an evaluation will be performed and the results will be shared with the company to determine whether to keep going with the continuous improvement process and begin a new cycle.


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