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Learn how e-commerce in Colombia has been growing in recent years, and understand why this channel is considered a great growth opportunity for companies.


E-Commerce, an Opportunity to Grow

Online transactions in Colombia have grown 57% in the last three years.

Colombian companies with greater sales growth (B2C * - 2017).

  • Mercado Libre - 49 %
  • Exito - 25 %
  • - 80 %

Source: La República; Mercado Libre and Éxito, the kings of e-commerce; 23-jun-2017

* B2C refers to company’s massive sales to end consumers.

Sectors most in demand among Colombians when making online purchases:

  • Fashion – 40 %
  • Tourism – 30 %
  • Technology - 28 %

Source: Natalia Calderón Ruiz; What do Colombians by on the internet? - 16-jun-2017


Cross-border e-commerce

Cross-border e-commerce sales amounted to 21% of global sales.

Source: Carlos Alvarez, Five things you need to know about Cross-Border Trading - 23-nov-2016


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